Monday, March 4, 2013

always the last minute

Ok , not quite the last minute.

I used to be a bank al- err  I used to manage this mages overflow of possessions, after all, the world is a dangerous place and Stormwind is generally safe.

I had only ever really been to Northshire abby,  with a quick  pass through Goldshire  on my way to Stormwind before Thursday night when...

There I was at the mailbox and this worm thing sat there in a pool of slime next to a well dressed fellow with a bow.  I was annoyed for a moment at the ooze, as it slowly sunk into my shoes thinking " eww there just aren't that many foot wear options at my station in life"  but then I thought to myself  , hmmm slime trails, I'll never get lost again.

I commented on how big and impressive his worm was. He glared at me and said, "Why can't people like you stay in Goldshire ...."

Wasn't the most pleasant fellow.

I decided that was the pet for me. ( not his my own, I wouldn't steal someones pet....)

I needed to get stronger.

I went to the Inn my warlock friend was staying at and said  " We need to go out in the world and  become stronger"

She was bored so she agreed, after I gave her fifty gold, something about her imp being annoying and her wanting a new one.

But I got distracted.... frequently.

" Look pretty flowers!"

" a fishing pool!"

" That undead critter looks like a challenge for my squirrel..."

"Hey, I bet there are some treasure chests around here...."

I wasn't sure I would make it.

I did though.

I even met a nice hunter from far away, and we both got a pet larva.

It is really is a big worm.

I probably still get lost though.

This imp's kinda annoying too....

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Look ! new pet! he's translucent!

   So what part of kill the wolf and get back the sword did you not understand ?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

lamp posts

In Vanilla I was on auto run and got stuck on a lamp post, somehow actually stuck in it as in not able to escape it.

Since then they have been the enemy.

If I have a character on follow  they will inevitably be caught on a lamp post.

I have blinked into lamp posts, thus the name of the blog my son and I have ( currently not doing much since he is taking a break from WoW)

I have rolled into lamp posts. My monks head still hurts. Even though she's undead and probably feels nothing.

See that bend, that was me!

Tonight I disengaged into a lamp post.

At least there are no gazebos.

I would be so doomed.