Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sometimes a cure disease would be nice in RL

A few weeks ago , just about as my son and I started a new WoW related project (we're doing a comic/blog together) , he started feeling off , with sort of a tummy ache and vague feeling of malaise.

 Doctors looked him over nothing seemed wrong so, probably a little stomach bug.

Then very early Saturday he was doing rather badly with high fever and in quite a lot of pain.

So off to urgent care. The nurse sent us to hospital .

We found out his appendix burst.

They removed the offending  vestigial organ,  ( although there is some information it may actually have a function) and gave him a lot of antibiotics.

He's  home and doing fine now. Modern medicine is amazing. I'm very thankful to the doctors and surgeons actually everyone at the hospital was pretty amazing.

His sister and I both caught  terrible colds.

Still it could be nice to have magical spells to instantly cure stuff .

A bit of the sniffles , *cast cure disease*  feeling off in the tummy  *cast cleanse*

Of course I play a druid mostly now ( Is infection corruption?) and a mage, instead of my priest, and he's a warlock now, his paladin's gathering dust.

Happy Winter's Veil or whatever holiday you celebrate.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Something nice.

I'm not a great player or probably even a very good one.(It's hard to say really I haven't actually done anything to challenge myself lately.)

I'm pretty much a solitary player,

I even mostly avoid PuGs for now.

I wander about alone collecting pets.

Ok, I heal my son in old raids while he collects pets too. ( I'll get them after he does )

We have our own guild it will probably still be a while before we hit level 25, and that's fine.

So I sorta always assumed that I would never get any of the cool pets that guilds can. (there are four people in our guild and only two still play)

But a nice person on the forums was letting folks join their guild to get the Thundering Hatchling.

 I find the floating water orbs a bit alarming too sometimes, also there's a bug on the floor.
So, thanks Stage Clear for letting me hang out, in your guild  and getting to take home a cute little hatchling to follow me around.

Usually folks are very elitist and feel it would be wrong to share something like that.

It was weirdly pleasant to watch guild chat scroll by as I quested and stuff, made me sort of miss having a guild like I used to. ( as in not a bank guild with only family in it)

I almost feel like I want to find a guild again (with other people then my son and I) and there may be some good sorts out there.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

can cross realm zones get any more annoying ?

So, you can supposedly play with your friends, but no, not really, I invited my son's character to a group with me. But no, he did not phase with me so we could play together. This had worked up until today. No friends  on other realms questing together , just people taking everything for their high pop servers while diluting the community and annoying the hell out of everyone.

If they can't be of any use but causing annoyance can we please just opt out of them or better yet scrap them altogether, maybe put them someplace with new coke and other failed endeavors.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Comic without pictures (not WoW related and political)

My hands arent too cooprative for drawing the last few days with the weather and all so here....

Panel one : people running cowering and a news guy holding a mic toward Cthulhu

 Guy with mic who is safely looking way from Cthulhu, says " So Cthulhu, why did you change your campaign slogan to "It could be worse!" instead of the usual "Don't vote for the lesser of two evils, vote for the worst of all evils! Chtulhu for president"

Panel two:

Chulhu responds.  " I had to be honest, with Mitt Romney in the race and all, I am no longer the worst of all evils"

Anyhow get out and vote after we are rather lucky to have the right to.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sure i'll stay away from da VooDoo

Demons on the other hand.....

It's poor quality, but , it was the first one I saw, I suppose I'll use some sort of " evolotion stone" on it later, but it is adorable.


Doomie the Infected Squirrel.

I've been playing around with crayons lately. I'm doing battle pets, for the most part. I will post more later.

If anyone has a particular pet they would like to see  immortalized  (what is on the internet is forever, poor Doomie naked forever online, but the squirrels don't wear clothes , so no future political scandals) in crayon and cut out and stuck to the wall, just leave a comment.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little thought

Pull more I can handle it! mostly it will results in a wipe.
Just an observation.

If the healer says that again after a wipe,
and the tank makes another big pull.
You will all die again

They can't handle it.

Don't trust them .

They are evil.

I spent about four hours observing this with multiple healers.

I wasn't healing I was just DPS.

Something is making the healers act  evil or  thoughtless.

Possibly the water,

I dunno,

but I'm PuGing again.

I should start healing.

I don't want whatever it is to make me evil

 maybe it' s Sha

Like one of pride

I know there isn't one of pride,

Probably hatred ,

hatred toward  bad tanks.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Normally i'd just hit ignore...

But I wasn't even on Moon Guard.

Yes,my punctuation and spelling are bad too.

Maybe he was trying to get around the profanity filter, and  he uses smileys as though that is friendly?

My mains are on Moon Guard, I have alts all over. My best friend  always says I have character on  every server and an alt of any level so as he levels he can count on me to group with ( it's not that bad , I am not on PvP servers and  only on about five PvE non RP servers) I expect with Moon Guards reputation , for this to happen there, but it doesn't, or at least it hasn't in a long time. On my PvE servers I get this once a month sometimes more often.

I just don't know , the whole thing seemed so silly, usually I'd just get angry, but it seemed sorta sad.

Poor desperate, blood elf.

But why, is someone like that just trolling? I know either way if he's serious or not,  he is trolling .  the word could be used that way, but if someone took him up on it would he be like all " I get my robe and wizard hat"

 I was confuzzled by his determination, do people actually go think " Hey some complete stranger walks up to me in Eversong while I'm farming for that grey robe. I'll stop killing stuff and have virtual sex with them, yeah sounds reasonable and fun."

No .

Didn't think so.

Friday, October 5, 2012

a letter

Dear Zen,

Thank you for the lovely items you sent, I noticed a distinct lack of cloth. The rings and staff were perfect. I really could use a new robe, I was thinking something rustic like perhaps, a beaded robe, of the owl if possible, or maybe an ancestral robe. The green of the beaded one might be a bit much with my lovely red hair.

I sold those black leather items, that you sent yesterday.  My apartment overlooking the Court of the Sun won't pay for itself. I know you included a note of some sort with them, but  Zen, it was half in Trollish , or you really need to work on your handwriting.  You're a scribe, you should  practice more I may need some of those glyphs I 've heard about later on.

It was nice of you to include some little items for me to practice my enchanting hobby on. The fish and boar meat were a bit old, I couldn't be expected to eat them, or even practice cooking with them, the stench! it was terrible!  Make sure the meat and fish are fresh next time!

I really love the parrot, it  colours are brilliant, I plan to rename it.  Polly is a bit unoriginal, don't you think?  That fawn is undead, please no more undead creatures they are troublesome to clean up after that squirrel keeps loosing bit and pieces of rotting flesh I don't know how it's still so intact. They  also smell unpleasant. You should head to Elwynn, they have some  live fawns there. You are a sly  sneaky creature as all trolls are, so avoiding the alliance guards should be no trouble for you.

I 've enclosed some gold, as you always seem to need a bit of this or that while you are out collecting companions for me. It's more than enough that you should treat yourself, a new outfit perhaps? those leggings are getting a bit ragged, I can't have my people looking like some sort of bedraggled urchins.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

wandering about collecting pets

I like collecting pets. It's fun. The whole fighting with them still seems sorta weird though, since the pets of Azeroth are real creatures , well some of them at least.

The last couple of weeks have been hard in RL. I got rather ill, plus had a relapse of  my eating disorder, ( this is especially bad because not eating plus  serious infection is not good for you)  and   the school year start and any change in the obscure household is painfully disruptive. We like our routine, no disruptions please.

I don't really feel like leveling, as fun as my 85's were, I'm well, bored with them.

So instead of leveling I've been catching pets.

Not on my main account on another one on another battlenet , an account with no collectors edition, no store pets, no loot pets. Instead of buying the orange and purple plaid flannel with metallic threads in it and making a jumper dress I spent my secret stash of money on upgrading to MoP ( this is probably a good thing because my family has a keen sense of what colours do and don't go together and mine varies a lot from theirs and the would be pained by watching me frolic in said dress, but the fabric may go on sale eventually, as it looks like all three bolts have been there since spring.)

Also no battletag or real ID friends , because I as much as I love my friends I , just don't want to say, " yeah, I still feel like the living dead and, yeah I am eating, some at least "

Catching pets is fun though, and it's interesting , none of the characters are very high level and my troll druid has been edging around places that are dangerous for her to get pets, so far I have 59 unique pets,  all  caught or the racial pets (jade crane chick is one of my favourites, still need to slog through the worgen starting area to get a raven *sigh*), it will be fun to see how far I will get with the numbers.

I plan to get all my pets by catching or quest with vendor pets and drop pets, Not a huge challenge but it does mean waiting on the various holidays. just no outside game stuff  or AH and any of my crafted pets I'll have to make myself, so far I have three characters I'm leveling for the crafted pets. It will be slower  but I'm finding it rather fun and challenging. I'm also playing a Pokemon cartridge with  Pokemon that correspond as closely as possible to my WoW pets.

I like the new pet battle part of the game but as my pint sized pink pachyderm headbutts  prairie dogs I'll keep looking over my shoulder for Mylune, I'm pretty sure she would disapprove.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Small thoughts on cross zone realms

*flap flap flap *

Suddenly my back feels unoccupied.

I look down.

The gnome is gently drifting downward aided by a parachute.

Maybe it's his obsession with engineering toys.

One day that thing may fail,

or he may land unprepared in an encampment of angry Murlocs.

 Perhaps it's something else

I fly down.

I ask " Why do you keep jumping off ? this makes it seven times now."

He stands there frozen .

We both dissconnect.

* sigh*

This is getting kind of annoying.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh look ! some kingsblood

Sudden flash of light.


I'm 85


I feel normal now, I guess, it says so right there.

My first 85.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mum, I need some gold

Hey , I don't think it looks all that bad, but yeah you don't match your pet!
My son: I can't go questing with you yet, I need some gold.

Me: Why training is free.

My Son: My clothes don't match.

Me : You're an Orc , do Orcs care about those sort of things?

My Son: .... please? *puppy dog eyes* I really can't go out like this.

Me : OK  How much?

My Son : 500 gold.

Me: 500 gold!!!

My Son: Yes, Please?

Me : Eh, ok, but it's the gold for your flying, Can't have Orcs in mismatched armour running about being eye sores.

After a few quests and levels, with a well dressed Orc,

My Son: Lets play our Warlocks .

Me: Ok.

We log on.

My Son: How can you run around like that you're a blood elf, you should hit the AH.

Me: Whatever.

I go buy some stuff that matches.

My Son: That's better , but Bazin needs some new clothes ....

Better ? Now we can be seen. My shoes match my demon, it's like that shoes purse thing.

As a point , my son is brilliant at finding stuff that matches and creating great outfits, he is even considering making a blog. His brain  has an internal Mogit, he pretty much has the database in there and created great outfits before transmog. Also most of the gold is  from greens he gets farming, which I auction.

Friday, September 7, 2012

A visit to the Spooky Manor

Ghostly Skull would like to test your courage

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Because mac

y not werk, we iz already here
Snow leopard OS should arrive tomorrow, because I put stuff off .

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'll miss Scholomance, at least BRD is still long and stuff

It wasn't really the same anymore, it had changed  already. Lower level , and a heck of a lot easier.

I still went there  quite a lot to farm and occasionally just to stand around looking at stuff.

My plan was to pretty much ignore the place and not  make any sort of mad last minute dash for anything.  I was sad  and annoyed it was changing but there was nothing I could do and  I may someday  drag my why I stopped preparing for MoP  post out of draft, but otherwise it was pretty much the past already to me.

My son farmed there a lot he loves the Deathbone armour, actually pretty much all the armour from there, especially the sets off the six bosses, you had to clear to get Gandling.

Last friday he decided to come back to playing and rolled a warrior and the warrior  wanted the armour. So just after six pm we made a pair of characters a  Forsaken warrior for him and a Forsaken hunter for myself. We were going to solo  Scholomance as soon as we could and get the armour  before the patch.

We leveled  to 45 by Sunday. I stayed up late to double box the characters after he went to bed.

Hey, stop feigning,  bug killed them!  Oh wait....
45 wasn't quite efficient for farming , so we leveled some more.

At 55 we got  most of the Blood mail set and His warrior had  the sawbones shirt.

He was frustrated so he took a break. I got the characters to 61 and we started  to farm again.

At least Bug (my pet as opposed to Beetle the green beetle my goblin has, names are hard )  was enjoying the mushrooms.

Mt son didn't get  all the armour he had wanted and although I only desired the Bloodmail pants, I got the set.

We  had fun though.
Why can't we just take it off him? a blacksmith could make it fit! Right? Right?!

 We fished some more.
I don't think that's driftwood, pretty sure it's part of a coffin
A moment of silence
After the lad went to bed I took the pair back and ran them through a few more times. No shirt, no Deathbone belt, but at least I felt like I gave it a good try.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why does he make a pointy stick?

Dude has a sword , yeah it's short, but  a sharp stick?

Yeah, I know  it's so he can hand his pointy stick to the orc.

This thought brought to you by my youngest.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

In defense of Mylune

A lot of people hate her. Or at least they say they do. Why?

I'm not sure, but I have some thoughts.

She cares about cute little animals.

She  does speak in a childish way.

Her speech makes her seem a little simple minded.

She's a feminine stereotype.

Many WoW players fancy themselves as big manly tough hero types, (at least a lot I've met  if you aren't, this isn't about you!) rescuing small animals  is not really in their line of work, because they are more the slaying dragon  and killing cultist types. So there they are in Mount Hyjal and this sexy Dryad (they are  sorta) asks you to rescue some baby animals. You were here to destroy stuff and save the world and those little animals  are pretty hard to grab. (not that I think so it seemed a really easy quest  like free exp for doing something nice!)

Cute animals , only girls like the cute animals , men never like cute kittys or puppys right? ( there are no kittys or puppys in Hyjal , I know) they shoot deer and squirrels and rabbits for dinner. She cares. That silly Dryad why does she worry about the cute they don't matter. So like a girl !

I don't know about you but it would bother me to see baby animals burn to death, especially if I could save them .

She does speak in a cutsy way, this sorta bothers me ( stereotypes bleh!) but then, I have been known to speak in a cutsy way about small animals baby bunny pictures make me squee, bug pictures too. ( there are some seriously adorable insects and spiders out there). Only girls or women are supposed to squee about cute things.

Her speech makes her seem childlike , or perhaps not all that smart. Who knows how old she is she's a dryad she could be a dryad tween or child ( I know she looks sexually mature but  she may not be  for her species and culture). She may also not be the smartest Dryad in the grove, nothing wrong with that, at least she's not an asshole. In our culture it's also  just fine to pick on those who may be less intelligent. Like intelligence is all that matters I'll take compassionate   person  any day over callous intellectual. ( I am all for disdaining the willfully ignorant especially if they are harming people with their thoughts or lack thereof ,but someone with a lower IQ is usually trying to learn, or at least not trying to harm.)

Mostly I think it's because she's girly, she likes cute animals and acts in a culturally feminine way. This is a reason in our culture to hate on someone. Because well girl stuff it's lesser, at least in gamer culture . what insults do people use in our culture , throws like a girl,  cry like a girl ( men don't have feelings unless someone doesn't want to  sleep with them, then let the dam burst and let the flood of hurt feeling, whining  and cries of anguish begin!) . the default gamer is assumed to be a dude. Many women or girls who game will jump on hating the girl stuff to be one of the guys , not like those lesser girly girls!

 But I say when in the game there is a chance to care  and do something kind, jump on that chance ( not in a stomping it to death way) revel it, save the cute little animals with the wet noses , snuggle them and embrace the inner compassion that makes us all human because guys can care too so get with it!

Everyone should have a little Mylune in them especially in this horrifically violent World of Warcraft where we commit atrocitys everyday!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are you doing something or nothing?

We sit like we are doing nothing nothing.

Sit there watching  a box.

It does nothing.

I toss beetle some grapes.

Ver tells me to give him a name and I feed him too much.

I want him to like me,  not that it matters anyway.

The gnome has no takers for his clothes washing  elemental and tub.

If he was a goblin he probably would , goblins could sell a useless rock to someone.

While the world was ending.

I saw that once.

The world didn't quite end, it just seemed like it would.

Sometimes a book appears,

Dalaran is funny like that.

Too much magic .

Portals are NOT garbage bins!

Yeah, maybe.

I imagine a doomguard being hit in the head by a half eaten strider leg, or maybe even a half eaten pie as it goes about it's (the doom guard) business in the nether.

It amuses me.

I think Ver might consider having her robe washed,  But I doubt it will help.

I doze off for a bit.

I wake up to Ver's felhunter  chewing on something.

I grab the book form it's mouth.

It's about  the school of magic Enchanting.

I look it over, read the first page.

It's a bit soggy, dripping actually .

I hand it to Ver  She flips through it.

Some human , runs up and grabs it from her.

By the look of his armour he's a paladin.

I shrug.

We saw enough, he can have the demon slobber covered thing.

We walk back to the inn.

Ver wants some more Gnomeregon Gnuggets from the faire

We check our mail.

Another book.

Ver has one too!

I'm tired of books.

I read it anyway.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Time to change passwords

I sometimes sit for five to fifteen minutes trying to remember my log in info for WoW. Sad I know, since I do play almost every day.

My memory is sorta bad , I'm sure I've mentioned this, maybe? I forget. ( haha she thinks she's funny.)

So with the security breach at blizzard I've changed my passwords for the kids' and my battlenet accounts.

It will now probably take me a half hour to remember or  something like that.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

No PuGing, just me and my bug

After an unpleasant PuG,  (reporting racist slurs and some rather unpleasant language, plus the  annoying jerk making a level 1 to explain why his name and such were fine free speech idiocy and all)  I stopped, just haven't played any of my healers or tanks. I give up and  right now sorta just feel people are too annoying to interact with.

 I did play a little with my son but he is just ever so bored of WoW at the moment. We will take up the hunters again as soon as his interest returns.

So I played pokemon a bit , bred a very nice Meowth, Larvesta and Purrloin I (I know who uses those but I have my favourites).  I also bread about three hundred more Gastlys but still no shiny! French ditto is really  tired of the whole breeding thing, I think.

Then I read about  another It came from the blog scavenger hunt. I love scavenger hunts,  I used to run them in my  second guild.I have a weird memory,  I'm really good at remembering where grey items drop, but greens, blues, epics, useful rotations  and  any movie or television show I'll usually forget , grey useless items though I'm right there. So, since I made another linked account ( I have no friends, well in RL I do, and one in game and the Obsidian Nightwing is rather cool). I made two characters, well three ( why not take advantage of the triple exp)  a forsaken hunter sort of to be a bank alt a forsaken warlock to level with the hunter and a goblin shaman, my idea was level the hunter and warlock to  14 or whatever goblins get out of the starting area then level the warlock and shaman to 40 for the fast mount.

The hunter turned out to be a bit more fun then expected, the shaman languished in the lost isles  while zombies swarmed about. ( she's out now, kinda doing the banker thing, although I think she only knows how to use the return mail  option.) 

By that Friday the hunter was 40 with a very cute green beetle. I love bugs. Then I realized there were so many bugs to collect and scorpions and arachnids, (no fireflys, too flashy, because seizures )  the occasional cat and  carrion bird, and later today some sort of worm, maybe a silithid. I'm having fun, no jerks , no LFG , just that  warlock following me around  ( she's sorta creepy but eh, whatever. also her fashion sense ....)

I know too cute for words, beetle loves me.
I race changed to a goblin, since I really only like forsaken warlocks and priests. I gave her two of my precious card game pets. ( the little scarab is so cute with her big beetle). I'm designing outfits that match her pets, so far  I have one  and a half done.   Not grouping has taken off the pressure of feeling  I have to be good at things,  I may be a sucky hunter, but well I play for fun and don't impact on others so no harm caused. I won't call her my main because I don't want to jinx things, but I'm really enjoying myself and finding the game relaxing and fun once again.

Anyhow the scavenger hunt was fun, I got a prize, I think I'll stay, to be sure the people in the guild chat channel all seem pretty nice, I may even join the main guild, but an still a bit too shy to ask.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

So with pet battles ...

I was thinking about the release date for MoP,  Sunday, October 7, 2012 is the official release date for Pokemon black and white 2 . I think MoP will be released the Tuesday before that to drive me mad , with not being able to decide what to play.

Oshawott I choose you?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Silly pet tricks

I really hadn't been playing the last couple of weeks, but  yesterday my son and I started hunters. He's going to try to teach me how to play one. Everything has changed a lot since I last played mine in vanilla. It's fun so far, but I may never be good at it,  the running and jumping around and stuff is hard. I had tried a human hunter for a while and though it was fun I certainly wasn't living up to anywhere near the classes potential.

We even had a climbing contest., or at least our pets did

"I agree your crocolisk does appear to be part gecko"

"My raptor has an excellent  sense of balance"

 " My raptor wins!"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

just random

I wonder if lightening shield kills mosquitos. I think it would, since they have physical attacks , but since it glows it probably attracts bugs.

I am a wandering bug zapper.

Friday, June 29, 2012

what will i do?

I feel in an odd spot,  at the moment my EU account is open, but my main account is lapsed. I had a bad weekend. It wasn't actually all that bad, that's the odd part, I did eleven pugs  four were awful,  the people , were at least and that tank., but in fact the rest were good to great. I don't exactly feel like   re upping my sub.

I want to play but feel detached, the account wide  achievements distresses me or probably more the pets and mounts.

I love pets, I love farming. Each character that I get attached to has a special pet. Usually I farmed for the pet. My mage has an azure whelpling, farmed up before Cata, my level 30 shaman on Moon Guard has one too, and my priest who accidentally learned it while farming for my blue haired druid.  when Mists comes out they will be merged.  But to me they are different whelps The thoughts and story of my mages whelp are different then my Shaman's.

My mage wanted to save the whelp she got from Malygos's  madness. Not really reasonable but that's how she thought, she's an odd dreamy character, kind of a flake. She will save the world and all the cute things  or set stuff on fire.

I paid a paladin to escort my Shaman (level 19 twink at the time) around the world for elder coins he put loot on free for all and we ran across the world killing stuff and she picked up the loot as we went through Ashzara, he killed some  dragonkin and  a whelp dropped, he didn't care and I kept it, a bit of random  luck, if My shaman feels she needs luck the whelp is her pet of choice.

My priests whelp  was me being clumsy, I learned it and was stuck,  she was my highest level character on that server and I used her to farm it for  my druid. The story I made up was as she traveled with it , it grew attached to her so  it didn't want to leave her.

Of course my Druid  will be able to use the whelp.

In Mists they will merge.

Yes I have my memories but the next time an azure whelpling drops I'll probably sell it, I know I can make up a story and that character can pull out the one I know  already and  say it's the one that dropped still it won't be.

It won't be the same ,  it won't feel the same if I decide to go to a new server, all my pets  are there , just pick one. What would be the point to farm  for my 23rd dark whelpling because  all the others are now just one. ( well gold but, meh )

A new character carries the history of all the other now, and sometimes that weight is too much.

My pugs each one earned by different characters doing pugs each one has different quirks, soon when I have pugged with 100, no run to the post box for my pet. The firefly my old guild master gave me before leaving, the rat fished in Dalaran while I joked with my best friend as we waited on queues,  The spirit of summer my druid has so hard to get as she ran unmounted through the world at level fifteen, merged with the others I had.( most have their on story too) My  broom riding kitty my  level  eleven troll has from riding around with some random fellow who said "hey come ride my rocket  you can trick or treat with me, you look sad, fun must be had."( My  troll was  actually giving directions to someone where to buy their wolf,not sure why she looked sad, but who could turn down such a tour!) So many other pets each farmed with the character that  wanted them, all that feels disconnected.

The only pets I'm fine with being across account are the card pets, because well  buying stuff is not quite the fun farming it up is. Actually it's annoying , but the puffer fish is adorable.

I don't raid, I'm not good enough,( also gear is not really exciting for me , the feel of success is but I would only drag a team down now.) but I farm stuff and that is my fun. I really love doing that now it feels like it's done,  I can fish or gather stuff other things I like and  of course I like PuGs. I like each time  something (ok a pet or mount really)  drops for each character, because each time is different.

I know there will be new things , but right now I feel kinda sad and apprehensive that maybe it won't be the fun I used to have , and will I find new fun?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear tank

Dear tank, amazing tank, tank that we lowly peons did not deserve. You great carrier of the masses, Ok maybe not that, because you said you don't carry  (word that I don't like to use). I know your usual healer is amazing almost but not quite a great as you. They can even heal around corners!! I could never do that! Yes I am indeed inferior. Most DPS you know can read your mind and know when you will race off , sadly the DPS in your last group couldn't and yes, the two who hadn't been there before were a little confused, I know unlike you  they weren't born knowing the fights and  I didn't type fast enough on that boss We're all really pathetic , maybe you could have pulled fewer packs at a time. I know it's slower but , some of us are well you know ....  new! yes we ARE lesser. ..

.... or maybe not, because you were sorta squishy even if your DPS was amazing ( I was impressed ) but usually with really great tanks  I don't have to heal the DPS in non AOE fights much or maybe even not are all.

So no we didn't deserve you,  because you were a pompous jerk, who called people names and threw a tantrum, when  someone died to an unexplained mechanic, one unfortunately left unexplained  because you pulled too fast.

You left and a polite tauren tank joined us a bit later he was actually a great tank, ( the DPS suddenly stopped taking damage , I know weird !) plus he was nice  and patient like his title said !

So I hope you get a group you deserve,  really I do , a group of people like you only more so!

Thanks ,

a healer

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scribbles (or art of your character)

 Like I said a few posts ago, I'm not going to be in game a lot  at this time  (except probably weekends)  I do still have time to draw between doing other stuff.

O could post more pictures of my characters but frankly I find that a bit boring,

So I was thinking that I might like a little WoW inspiration, and I asked at the end of my rather dull post a couple of posts back ( someone pointed out no one probably read to the end)  if anyone might like to see me , ( well not literally  I mean that would be weird and I'm not inclined to go find a web cam) draw their character, for free ( ok, I do ask for a description  I'm not psychic) nothing fancy, a sketch  of what one might see as they crossed paths with them traveling through Azeroth.

So if you are interested , just leave a description of your character ( link to a screen shot?)  something distinctive or quirky about them in the comments here of email me at Ravenshe [at] g mail dot com

 I'll be doing three the first three that  show up, maybe I'll make it a once a month thing if  people are interested. Posting them on Sundays ideally.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Helping people can Fun, and stuff

So I started a new character, well two actually (I had space, and I'm weak, but I deleted one later because I decided I preferred a different face)  I made a shaman and a little priest , oh  and I guess a druid too, (My altitis is probably incurable, and technically the druid was a level five bank alt so she's not really new) All three got leveled to twenty something.( I get to that level  20 something  range rather fast ,but at 27 distraction sets in.)

So at fifteen I have some  useful quest rewards ( nice that  almost every quest has a sensible  award , no more spirit stamina stuff or other sorta unwanted stat combos) anyhow then it's time to hit the dungeon finder. I actually really like PuGs , I know I complaine  but really  I enjoy them (Or I'm desperate for some form of interaction).

My little priest was first , things went well  the first deadmines run was nice and pretty smooth , except for people  getting blown off the bridge , I had to explain that bit because well it's not obvious enough. I felt happy knowing that maybe people would sorta avoid the  burning exploding spots later on ( How does the dock not break these are cannons?), I was in a very good mood, wwailing caverns a few times then at 18 I zoned into  Shadowfang Keep , there was the tank and one DPS and a rather large number of skeletons , in that Commander fellows room. Things had apparently been going badly.  The DPS was  calling the poor tank all sorts of names and  stuff like that. I suggested he may want to leave after all he must really hate the tank. He left after calling me a short bitch. The Male Draenei  tank who I was imagining being reduced to tears ( Well, I would have been, in character at least) declared he was terrible and having the worst time and he was new. I thought a moment and said hmm well, what do you think went wrong?

He didn't know.

I thought a bit and asked  did you notice the green stuff and wavy arms  coming out of the floor?  (brilliant technical terms on my part). I said well that is bad, and especially if your DPS is not ranged , it can hurt them a lot and this is a bit stressful for the healer.  Move yourself and the DPS out of it. I then explained that there area lot of places that there is stuff on the floor and standing in it is bad (although I didn't go intro the some stuff your group makes on the floor is good to stand in, this  may come up later, I once had a death knight Tank that ran dutifully out on my AOE floor heal, For three instances before I asked him about it and is is so pretty with leaves and all, but he was scared it was a bad thing). I explained the various other mechanics  on the other bosses, and we requed after he got repaired. You know what? ( I mean you can guess it went well,as I'm writing it down)  the next attempt  went off perfectly no one died he ran out of the bad and kept stuff  and that thing that you need to face  away from the DPS was kept from hitting the DPS we were happy, He thought it was amazing and easy. The rest of the instance went well to no one stood in the  pistol barrage ( I preemptively warned the group). I did four more instances with this tank and he was actually better then many if he had some idea what was going to happen. We were both in fairly high spirits when we parted ways. I felt pretty good. ( sometimes I think it would be nifty to do a comic  of all the instances and boss mechanics , it could be funny and informative, but since I only know up to level 80 stuff I'd probably need help and even I forget stuff, well actually my memory is notoriously bad but still....)

The thing is I've had to explain Shadowfang Keep about seven times now, ( I may even have written about this before , because it happens  a lot) at the same point half the times I  came in as the healer at the same point after a wipe. Why can't someone be bothered to type out a simple polite  explanation or something? is it that much harder then typing swearwords or insulting people? ( If you must be rude perhaps a " Don't Stand in The F******  desecration or point the  Sh*t at the DPS you  illbegotten spawn of an murloc!" Should suffice) Do these people never move out of the bad? do most  tanks and DPS expect to be healed through it ( I will heal through it on a well geared heirloomed character, but not everyone is, and then I feel guilty for encouraging incompetence, these people will haunt me in later heroics I just know it)

The other place I have to explaine is the Occulus,  I try to start off with DPS please take an amber drake ....  ( I understand some people are trying for  the achievement but, they usually say.) I haven't had a lot of luck there, it usually goes badly I think by 80 people are very sure they know what they are doing whether or not that's true. One can always try, though.

Of course there is the other side of things , the times when you politely tell the  tank or someone (after a wipe usually) and they get really mad even though your advice was sound. in this case trying to help is not  fun. Or perhaps you need to try the swearing obnoxious explanations,( " Hey douchnozzle! if you didn't feel a need to wave your dick about by "bravely" pulling half the F*****g instance, before the  party was zoned in the damn place, then run off and pull the boss while the healer was drinking you pile of corpse worm manure , we might not wipe, by the way  the first boss mind controlls,  you poopyhead!")  this might work I'll have to try it some time, at least after the polite attempts fail. I'm also not all that good at swearing, I may need to polish my style a bit to be on par with many in the LFG.

Helping feels good when it actually helps and you do it in a nice way, but explaining something for the tenth million time can get annoying too.  I'm not exactly sure how to balance it, but I do know some nice folks helped me out when I started, but now everyone expects you to know it all already and I guess there are sites out on the web that can help, ( I know there are, since I  use them quite a bit , because I would be terrified to ask anyone  about something in game with how the atmosphere is lately) but I think it makes someone feel good to get some personal help perhaps with a suggestion later on they could research things.

The PuGs with the Shaman went smoothly same with the druid I got mostly experienced players and  when people  felt a need they asked  what to do, right off even, .

I deleted the gnome, but I'll just remake her later.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The great delete ( well not a great as intended)

I have too many character, I'm highly unlikely to play most of them ever again. Still I keep them, one may have an unobtainable recipe or pattern or perhaps a quest reward no longer in the game, or in some cases just  memories. I did delete my first level 60 or the second character I created, but then I only made her because my friend would rather my hunters hair was white. Obvious advice here, but don't let others dictate what you will play it will only end badly!

Her cat changed colour in when Cataclysm came out, or my memory is fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure he had stripes before.

It's a little much, I actually really like leveling and  since I try and only keep one account open at a time I often run out of space.

I'd sorta actually like to just have a main, maybe three sorta mains because I like the number three.
I think I may have too many characters and one server isn't showing for some reason.
So I went on a bit of a deleting spree, clearing up the clutter, a few characters will stay till MoP because they have rare non duplicate pets, and account wide pets will solve that so then they are off to retire ( I imaging a nice spot near a beach with good fishing and some cuddly friends to hang out with since almost all my characters have cats, which is funny because I like dogs).

At first I would clear out their banks  and mail stuff to other characters , because well it might be of some use some day.  I really, really must like snowballs, seriously!  four 16 slot bags of snowballs on three characters at least ?!

Eventually I was just stealing myself  closing my eyes and wincing as I logged out after checking to see if the had anything really important or rare and deleting.

Other then the snowball thing I found out about what I keep, eyes, skulls, plant bits like crushed petals, a lot of grey items a bag of symbols of divinity (oh yeah, I was a fun paladin to hang around with! luckily at the time I discovered DI I only had one friend and we took turns  killing ourselves.)

Some things I noticed about my self, at least on this account.

I mostly make Priests, then Druids, then Hunters  then Paladins, then Warlocks  Then Shamans, Warriors and Mages, and Death Knights, no Rogues.

The few Warriors were deleted without any regret.

I now hate most of the names I used to use repeatedly.

My only characters over 80 are Shamans.

Most of my characters are horde even though I think I like Alliance better.

I seem to stop leveling  between  30 and 50 then again between  62 and 64.

I'll probably just keep making alts, after all  you can only level a character once and I still like the feeling of leveling.

less characters but still a bit many

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

been a bit busy and sleepy to play WoW much

So I'm planning to go to a convention and that means a costume, plus actually going outside a few times a week  and sleeping a lot because my neurologist  increased my meds,  so I'm not on the game much, but I do miss it and I'm thinking about it.

I was logging on various characters to be sure their post boxes were empty , I hate forgetting mail and losing it , especially gold from auctions ( I once forgot about 2k gold in my shaman's mailbox and it went off into the nether or wherever mail goes after thirty days, since she's a goblin a she was rather traumatized and I was a bit worried when she started hanging about near lava, but all was well since she was just fishing up volatile fire, gotta make back that gold !) , So since I was  organising mail I went and looked in my banks to organise them too.

Anyhow I found the mail belonging to one of my favourite mages, ( I only have three but I do like her best, I know the Draenei thinks she is but I like my Blood elf.) she would go about  the world talking to folks and  stuff and I/she  ( I mean, I know I'm not my character) would draw them (she's a scribe and she makes the loveliest  inscriptions , her illuminations are exquisite) , it was fun and she had a few nice letters about the sketches.

I was thinking that I missed that and have had no inspiration for scribbles, (well WoW related ones that is.)

So, then just leave a description of your character or whatever, what some mage fishing in Ratchet would see if they passed by, (fishing's not quite as good in Ratchet as it used to be but well that's where her hearth is, maybe I should move to Dalaran?) I'll sketch the first three folks who leave a reply description, or something like that over the next few weeks and post them as weekly scribbles. They won't be amazing, just sort of like the full bags picture pencil, ink, crayon whatever I feel like, mostly I just like the feeling of watching folks go about their buisness in Azeroth.

Friday, June 1, 2012

a little too spectral?

Just sitting in some sort of purplish mist

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fear , fun and cute pet

I have General anxiety disorder , and social anxiety. ( I was going to make a post about May and mental health month and awareness and all that but I sorta failed). I'm trying to be more social or at least do things involving other people, medication and therapy are helping, but up until last year I had avoided getting help ( too anxious to contact a therapist  :P) and pretty much stopped going out of my home lest I have a panic attack.( Every six months to see my neurologist and if the kids had something very important they wanted or needed me there for.) Actually leaving the house resulted in a panic attack, so I didn't.  Never leaving the house interferes with having a normal fulfilling life. Then we moved. Moving was very stressful. I went into therapy, things are getting better. I get out a few times a week, and even plan on going on a short holiday to a convention in July. (when we signed up, we'd joke how I'd be cured by July, I'm not but I'm better) I highly recommend getting help if you are going through these sort of things or supporting someone you know as they get help.

I tend to worry a lot about how people will perceive me. ( definition of social anxiety) I am (was?) the bad stereotype of a gamer who doesn't go out. I kept in contact with family and friends via phone or the internet or they come visit me. I often think that admitting I have problems in my life sort of makes people who play MMOs look bad.

WoW and other games have been sort of a substitute "outside" they have places to go and people ( even if most times I'm too shy to interact). I don't think this is a bad thing, a lot of people might, but I don't. Before WoW I had books and my art, my family, so having a game just broadened what I had.  PuGs are sorta pseudo - social, since you don't actually have to say anything , although the fear of  what people will think is still there, I did get quite a bit of confidence from doing them. One thing WoW did do, is make me long for going out in the real world. I would be in the barrens and remember holidays with my family in the southwest and how I loved being out there and how back then I was never scared. Swamp of sorrows made me want to go out and muck about in wetlands and I missed the smells.  One day standing in a lake in game fishing I intensely wanted to go stand in a lake and feel the sand and the water  and you know what I did, I logged out  and we went to a lake and I just stood there in the water, squishing the sand with my toes and chasing minnows ( I have no fishing gear or license anymore so no fishing, yet). I hadn't done that in a long time. It felt good. I think games are a good safe place to explore and  interact, a little less scary then the big outside .

Last night I went to  Wow Insider's scavenger hunt, it was fun, I enjoyed watching the people, and gathering the items and just generally being there I won a cute pet. ( a mini felreaver , they're cute right *looks around " why is the ground shaking?"*) Even if I did have a panic attack while trying to show my items to Roblinator and have to take a moment to step back and  take a bit to breathe and keep myself under enough control not to log out and delete my character out of embarrassment for getting  scared and freezing, also it's hard to type while shaking. I stayed anyhow  and felt pretty successful after calming down .  I didn't do much that was social but I did trade a very drunk shirtless blood elf some more alcohol ( although that may have been sorta bad as he was already quite drunk , but warlocks can be indifferent to  other people possibly drowning in a fountain of drunkenness , right?).  I even plan to keep that character and level her .So a step forward in  socializing. maybe some day I'll find a guild of people I didn't already know before WoW where I feel comfortable and things will be even better.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


                                                             My bags are full,
                                                   Why do I pick up all this stuff?
                                             I could just toss it, no one would mind,
                                 It's not like the scourge and cultists keep this place clean,
                                                              It's still on fire!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Other nonsense, and rambleings

I sometimes feel strange about the blog since the title has PuG as part of it. I don't PuG much anymore, so I often feel I  have nothing to say.  Ok, I occasionally PuG , for example I was Pugging on my priest  for a few hours the other night and  after logging off her, I went on my warlock  and hung out with my voidwalker on some coral in Vashj 'ir and discussed why the destruction of all life and possibly some torment for the citizens of Azeroth might be a good idea.

So I'm not actually doing a lot. I play a little every other day , leveling my 80's hopefully one will get to 85, probably either the warlock or my tauren pally, since my priest is stuck at 80 till I get the blue drake.

I could actually get my shaman there , 5 bars left, but I'd still feel out of place on the server she's on.  My son an I are trying to get our bank guild to level 2, this may happen someday. I'm also working on getting my priest  up to 150 minipets ,  only 46 to go.

I probably will follow my older rules of not putting character names on my blog, cause even with a only five or so people stopping by a day I still get the odd creep. I mean yeah , sure it's nice when someone says " Hi, I find you amusing, why did you delete your bank alt?" (I didn't, she's a gnome now). But the  " I read you like Goldshire, wanna ERP , are you hot?" sorts are  umm creepy.

I'm really looking forward to the expansion though so I can play with my favourite, now healer,( he was a tank when I healed) who is ok with my average tanking, cross server, we will quest together again and STV trolls will never be safe.  We can only do instances now because he's on a RP PvP server and I will stay on my RP PvE server. Nothing turns me into a raging incoherent maniac then being attacked by some other player while I'm fishing or enjoying the view, so I've sworn off PvP servers forever and it keeps me calm.

In a way I feel sorta lost in the game  at the moment, no real attachments, I still enjoy playing, I've always been able to amuse myself, but now with almost everyone I had known gone it seems a bit  empty. Of course one always meets new people when an expansion comes out and that will happen soon .

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why do wild raptors wear feathers and beads?

One could assume they are intelligent and their little hands can bead strips of leather and tie feathers on each other , but there is another reason.


Particularly troll rogues.

Ever notice that all raptors seem to live in close proximity to one troll tribe or another, and most raptors have feathers on them.

When troll rogues come of age they have to go tie some feathers and beads on wild raptors to prove how sneaky they are. A lot of then get eaten, that's why you don't see so many.

A troll rogue  told me this,  and you know rogues are very honest.

You can trust them.

Especially the troll ones.

Monday, May 14, 2012


       I haven't had much to say or rather I haven't had patience to type. so my warlock's felsteed.

Monday, April 30, 2012

This doesn't look good

So I took the little Draenei orphan to see the dark Portal.  The Alliance is apparently sending  soldiers through to beat up the Burning Legion.

                                                        They are enthusiastic , but...
                                                      Digging the legion's grave.....
                                       So The Furbolg you took it off was really tough....
                               Yeah, I know cleaning Elekk stables isn't all that adventurous still...
                                      He really annoyed Varian while they were in a PuG
                                                            I'm kinda worried too
                                               The horde soldiers have real weapons
                                                             I'm sad too

                  Well, we can go visit the battlegrounds later that should be more cheerful!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


It really is just scribbles this time. Crayon picture of Mylune with a mechanical squirrel, his nose definitely isn't wet.  Mostly a sketch  for a later picture.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

how holiday minigames could be made usefull , but hopefully still fun

Last week I was at the Darkmoon Faire . I was doing the dailys but I was thinking too. In particular I was playing Whack a Gnoll, when this thought reoccurred to me ( I'd had it just after the first new faire, but something distracted me). I noticed that after playing Whack  Gnoll my tanking improved ( I sorta found it fun and then just played obsessively for a bit). anyhow it improved my awareness ability and moving by mouse while using a key ( ok just one key but I'm simple). and I thought hmmm  you know these mini games they could be fun ways to teach people how to do stuff. you could link them to holidays make them entertaining and let people get pleasant little rewards with some sorta random cool reward or maybe you could  also turn in the little ones for the big one, like the kiddy games at carnivals , multiple times so they'd keep doing them till they got it.

These games would be for everyone  newbies especially should do them , they would involve useful later in the game skills for in dungeons.

One game could be  you would have avoid the bad  such as go into a room and stop the  robot cook who had run amok  and become dangerous but you'd have to run around oil slicks and randomly appearing fires ( fires that burn ! with no healer to heal that stupid ) as you get to his off switch. then you'd get a little bag with some cooking ingredients and perhaps a recipe.

Another could be like you have to go into  collect  four cute little animals , you have a lure ( taunt ) to keep their attention while  escaping from some baddie. Like for Hallows end , cute little bats and an evil warlock who wants to eat them. The warlock may  throw spells you have to keep out of too  just because this is important.

 Some sort of thing where you have to kill only specific bad things intermixed with stuff you could damage but will kill you if you do they could look sapped or frozen or something so you should have a visual to let you know not that one the one running around the frozen one won't hurt you at least at the moment, so leave it alone.

I'm sure Blizzard could come up with better ideas , but they would be sorta fun and small and you'd get something like the fishing bag that had stuff but also could have something cool.

I really think there should be some fun rewarding way to learn the basics of stuff that you need to know later for people leveling, because some days it seems leveling just isn't doing it  for quite a few.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Too many eggs, things could be improved

500 is too many eggs for the mount,it just is. People start being rude to each other and  yelling stuff. even I was driven to less then pleasant behaviours.

Everyone was camping  spots  that eggs spawned at but I found these two bushes that I hadn't known spawned eggs in them it was a nice spot , usually I hate camping, but since I feel sorta bad grabbing eggs if someone is sitting there, well if ya can't beat them join them, so there I sat and this druid comes up and starts grabbing the eggs. I wouldn't do that I just pass on by ( of course this meant till I found this spot I had been running around getting no eggs) " I suggested  hey , you take the spawn point on the right I'll take the left one we can share  :) " He said no way ( some rude stuff ) I'm faster, you 're not even 85 loser  ( I had lag that evening ). then I thought to myself "eh, I don't need this sort of stress" then logged off.  So I did some other stuff, for a while.

Then I felt angry and, well I logged on another account made a level one and scouted the area again Mr. 85 pants was still there. It was still pretty much full. A gnome got his mount left his, spot I logged my other character in and sat there and got eggs. Except in my heart was still a bit of resentment and anger and I could see that 85 druid over there in MY spot  well it had been, and yes, you don't own that spot but still...

I had an idea , I took the level one over by him and grabbed an egg ( two games open, and my lag improves?). So my other character the one who I wanted the mount with is getting eggs as they spawn at the new spot, feeling fine and not caring as  every other egg or so was grabbed by someone running in circles. Level one alt on the other had was getting about every fifth egg before Mr 85. Mr. very important I have titles and have been places you never had I have epics becomes enraged, I'm amused, actually I'm laughing  , because  I'm evil I guess. So he takes out some drums and sets them up, then some banners, a guild chest, turns into a bear sits on the spawn points (anything that might block the eggs from level one alt who by now isn't bothering getting eggs just bouncing her bunny self once in a while)  and is yelling, this goes on for a while. The runners pas by angry level 85 and get the eggs . 

I start chatting with him on my level one, ok at first I baited him " Hey, do you have a sandbox tiger the banners are kinda boring.... a train? what about one of those little mushroom  chairs?" He says  please stop taking my eggs. I say I haven't been since the first few. He says people are all assholes. Why did I have to come take his eggs? I remind him of that lowbie he had to go be a jerk to earlier and say it was me, well I point to the other character he remembers, says yeah it's annoying when people do stuff like he did then logs off.

 I'm not sure what the lesson is here, but 500 is a lot of eggs 250 and people will get done and not go all crazy on each others asses. ( who knows maybe they will? ) I usually don't get mad enough to actually make an effort to be annoying.

Praise Elune the mount is BoP , imagine the horror if people were farming multiples to sell.

I still think the do ability of the event is a great design, but I wish the game wouldn't pit people against each other in the way it does.

Anyhow,  I'm getting a bit long winded here. Tomorrow I'll talk about what I planned to, or maybe later tonight. Because it was going to be about how holiday events could be cleverly designed to teach people useful  game skills.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Chocolate is safe for ghost wolves!

In the name of science I just had to give it a try. So far I feel fine.A little queasy though.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ghost wolves and Chocolate

Ghost wolf form is nice for egg hunting ,  you move fast blend into the ground so you're almost sneaky( except for the giant floating name over your head) very convenient , although very confusing if your best friend turns into a rabbit or ( if your BFF turns into a bunny  don't try and eat them! you will annoy them, and if you succeed you will have regret and loneliness, although you could try out your ancestral spirit skills on them, but resurrecting something you just ate could be could lead to serious indigestion.)

Chocolate is yummy, a lovely treat and well, it's that time of year again,  and shamans everywhere are wondering.

Is it ok to eat chocolate in ghost wolf form?

Wolves are canines and chocolate is poisonous to canines.

I'm not really sure.

I mean, well you're a GHOST wolf so you might already be dead.

I know confusing.

Because stuff  (treants can be come rather aggressive after  you mistake them for a tree and just had  two gallons of mana replenishing liquid because the DPS just had to blast every random thing the tank wasn't hitting and the tank ran ahead and you have to change into ghost wolf  just to catch up, but after drinking that much....) can still kill you.

Back to chocolates, you might want to  change back  to whatever you were born as Troll, Tauren, Dwarf , you get the idea, before going for that chocoholic achievement.

At least make sure you have some ankhs in your bag.

If haven't learned that reincarnation trick, have friendly priest on hand, a paladin or druid will do too.

Then go fishing, because fishing is relaxing after all that egg hunting.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

something that annoys me

I was reading replys in all the various posts about the line by Ji Firepaw. I spent rather a long time reading. I didn't like the comment, I actually find it immensely annoying that women are often reduced to  their appearance as being what is important about them.

I have two kids a son and a daughter, I remember when my son was very young he was ethereally pretty, people would come up to us and exclaim " what a beautiful little girl! She will break hearts" occasionally ( strangers, not like I will ever see them again and it was annoying to always correct them, this happened a lot) we would say he's a boy, they would fret and apologise and say " he must be very clever". the would also tell us to cut his hair, but he liked it long and we didn't really feel it was important. My daughter on the other hand was a bit less pretty, she's lovely now , but she really looked like her dad as a toddler and we'd cut her hair short as she hated to sit to have it brushed. Relatives would lament how unfair it was  her brother got the great looks. Because you know all that is important for a girl is to be pretty.We her parents tried to mostly compliment her skills and ability and her  smarts, she's an amazing critical thinker and can often out debate teachers. still, what others notice is her looks, although now it's because she's cute. Although mostly they say she should smile and not look so fierce since girls should look of a pleasant temperament.

So in subtle places where you'd think it's unnecessary you'd think , these little things could be left out , a NPC could not how  smart,  cunning, agile, in tune with the elements or strong a character is say base it on their class, and not their looks.

Because it reenforces the at girls looks are all that matters about them and every day girls and women get that message  many times over , watch some commercials on the television look at the cover of a women's or teen magazine and you will see it's all about the looks. ( and people wonder why so many girls get eating disorders)

The other thing I kept seeing in comments on these article especially this one is that " the guys who play female characters who are only rarely harassed in game or not at all , it must not be a problem really. But you see it is a problem because of this, it happens, if it happens occasionally it is still too much. You see when you are a woman / girl you walk down the street and guys will yell this  stuff at you they will say how hot you are and how they want to F*ck you , even if you are 12 or even older if you are fat or ugly they will say other rubbish, because to them and many guys or I'm being charitable her guys who don't think, all that matters is you are there to look attractive and or be available to them to F*ck. they are being intimidating, and if you tell them off or ignore them some will blow up and become threatening and  insult you or call you stuck up, or make other threats. So think about this you just want to walk to the grocer for some fresh veg to cook with dinner , but some dude yells , hey beautiful, great boobs" ( yeah it's a compliment riiiight , if you think this is a compliment I feel sad you are so stupid) then if you roll your eyes or even not, they graphically yell what they want to do to you. this,  quite often for daring to go out in public as a female. You live with this most every day. you are aware how sometimes this  street harassment can turn dangerous. you are aware that to many you are just  an object they  want to use. ( and for the guys going " not me! I don't do that " great you don't but if you don't obviously I'm not talking about you)

So you go home , log into a game to relax and look the NPCs are at it too,  it's irritating and you really don't need it in game and really lecherous old dudes aren't all that funny , it's old , guys an old tired trope that needs to die.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I miss old Wailing Caverns.

I miss it's twisting paths, and watching groups getting lost, I never got lost there ( I got lost almost everywhere else, how does one get lost in the Deadmines ?  ....) I would gently tell the group what direction to go and they would ignore me and wander aimlessly in circles. The evil part of me was amused as I would sit down and watch them come past me( I would start a campfire and cook usually) over and over asking if they were ready to follow me yet. in a way it felt like what i imagined a dungeon would,  mysterious and dangerous, you had to carefully explore (ok it was never that hard , yes some pulls got messy but that's the fun of it) You could imagine camping there stopping for a meal after securing an area. ( yes, respawns , I know,but I'm imagining here). The event at the end , if anyone else stayed that long was neat too. I like stuff like that . You should be able to trigger a special boss everywhere, it added something. People are in too much of a hurry now .

I like Blackrock Depths too , I get lost there (actually I don't anymore) and they need some railings, but it's fun and has that going into a real adventure feel to it.

After thinking about it, Vashj' ir is an ok trade off for the old Wailing Caverns, . I don't get lost there either, and I love the look and feel of it,  it's not an instance it's a zone , but it's fun, I wish there were more quests there I feel sad to finish it. So far I have been through it five times twice on one character ( faction change ) . There needs to be more fish mini pets . I may resurrect another old account just to do it again. I think the horde version is better. " Who puts a "dead " sea demon on their head , really?!" is the best line ever. Ok, there might be better lines in the game but , for now that's my favourite, I love asking the goblin to see the  thing  again.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A pug today

I'm really, really bored with Halls of Reflection, some Occulus please I'd like a blue drake, pretty please.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More then one PuG a day

I bought dual spec and started healing today. I still can heal just fine although shaman are different, and since I hadn't healed on one past 30 it was newish.

Pugs last night were smooth and nice if a bit boring,today though, they were weird.

A tank who made very big pulls then only focused on one mob, the others were happily smashing my face while the DPS desperately tried to save me and I healed myself and them, this didn't end well. Even after I whispered to him after the third painful pull and first wipe, he may want to not share the mobs aggro so much in this case selfish is good. ( I may have been a bit snarky but he started the instance announcing how great he was.) I let him die the next pull, and explained more clearly what the trouble was. This didn't work because on the boss he let all the adds beat me up. I ran out of mana keeping myself and the DPS alive as long as I could and sorta healing him( I seem to rarely even get to 75% mana shaman seem rather efficient that way.). He raged called us all incompetent and left. Things were fine after that.

Next we had another interesting tank, he really needed to insult the DPS, we asked him nicely to stop it he tried to vote kick the lowest DPS but we didn't. He stayed we finished the instance just fine and he wanted to do Halls of reflection, which if the DPS were so bad would be kinda silly, or unwise at least. He just left before the fifth wave. We got a new tank . Things went nicely from there the abused moonkin ( Poor druid didn't know you could transform in combat, this is sad at 80 but kinda amusing.) who was lowest at DPs suddenly improved, because the mage was encouraging, and well it's easier to preform without a poopyhead tank insulting you.

Then there was this hunter we were in two instances together, in the first his pet died. I noticed in the second his pet was still not there and whispered him I thought he might want it , but alas the poor thing had died and he would get another after this run. After I stopped laughing( I know I should have been annoyed but it was too funny.) I told him he could raise the poor thing from the dead and he was amazed.

The druid and the hunter were both Scroll of ressurection 80s. I know most people would find this annoying and well , yes it could be but with a little explanation both improved greatly. I imagine it's pretty bad in some groups.

I ended up in Throne of the Tides with a group with mostly SoR 80's , except the tank. It went well and the tank wanted to keep me. I guess she'd had some bad healers recently. I went back to Wrath heroics.

Then the Occulus, it was already started when I zoned in. there was no tank so the retribution paladin , offered to. He didn't change spec or anything. The moonkin was in mostly agility gear, he did have a caster belt. it was exciting and rather surprisingly fun. I had acase of the giggles and stated each fight with " we're all gonna die arghhh!" We didn't until the drake part. It was challenging to heal but fun, no one was getting mad and things were weird , but the mood was very non serious. Except when we got to the end I realized all but myself and the moonkin had red drakes. We were the only ones who had been there before. The moonkin declared defeat and left after the first wipe (I don't blame him) but we were determined and a gnome DPS joined us. After trying again with now three red drakes and a green. I explained the fight. my son got on my druid and queued as tank specificaly for Occulus so we'd have a tank, luckily he got us randomly ( I know everyone loves the Occulus so much It was soo unlikely he'd get our tankless group haha!) The DPS went and got some bronze drakes. We all died again, they hadn't listened or read if you prefer. Undaunted I explained again. we died. Hmmm this isn't working, but I'm determined if anything , So I explained again, then as the battle went on I shouted ( well typed ) commands you know, time stop ! run away! (fly?) and we did it, hopefully they will remember next time. The shadow priest got a new mount out of it and I was happy.

The other three groups went fine and were fun. Nothing exceptional happened. Except one tank wanted to kidnap me and keep me. ( He said his mage friend would conjure me mana noms.) I worry there may not be enough healers or something.

So today was, nice tanks like me, even some seem inclined to kidnap people. I can still heal, and it's still fun. Mean tanks usually are bad at tanking. DPS kill faster if you are nice to them. People can learn. I should probably replace my agility cloak and gloves because someone might inspect me. ( I mean really, should I have said anything about the moonkin's gear?) I'm happy . today was good.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trying some PuGs again

So with the whole Scroll of resurrection , I have resurrected one more character, (two actually but the other two were experiments and to move items to alliance from horde safely and across servers, I have way more accounts then anyone should, but I sometimes got paid for character portrait commissions with game time and vanilla keys. This character is another Shaman, who I locked at 80 to practice on. I'm doing Lich king heroics, no scary, scary cataclysm dungeons for me yet ( ok, I did one. On a different character. I accidentally pulled the boss with my backside and after apologising and offering to leave, the group was very nice and let me stay, they found the apology rather funny which seemed strange, but I never understand people. I was a lot more careful.)

The first one my DPS was abysmal, I was last, so I felt bad somewhat embarrassed the tank left, ( Probably not because of me but I felt like it.) no new tank came, we finished anyhow ( the hunter and healer were amazing) and my DPS got a bit better, but still not great. I went to research a bit and then tried to kill a wooden dummy for about 45 minutes till I felt I had some idea what I was doing. I went and quested for a few quest rewards, got a couple of useful random drops, killed Anzu (no mount), and queued again. My DPS had about doubled, so then, a lot better, I was careful about aggro ( because having healed and tanked it would be silly to do something that would annoy me) I moved out of bad stuff, I am actually usually pretty good about that I can still hear my old vanilla partner 's voice, although in my head telling me get out of the fire, I just never could see it. (In wrath it's pretty visible even with my weird graphic settings, I remove most red to prevent seizures.) I also remembered windshear. So much improved, I felt a bit more confident and kept queuing. Things went well.

I sorta wish I could find out what I should be hitting for DPS at a specific level and with approximate gear , but my internet search skills aren't up to that yet. Healing I can tell whether I'm doing it fine or not for the most part.

I am gathering a collection of gear and such for healing I will try that next.

I may even get a perky pug.

After that I'll finish leveling Silfaria to 85. she can get her pug then.