Wednesday, June 13, 2012

been a bit busy and sleepy to play WoW much

So I'm planning to go to a convention and that means a costume, plus actually going outside a few times a week  and sleeping a lot because my neurologist  increased my meds,  so I'm not on the game much, but I do miss it and I'm thinking about it.

I was logging on various characters to be sure their post boxes were empty , I hate forgetting mail and losing it , especially gold from auctions ( I once forgot about 2k gold in my shaman's mailbox and it went off into the nether or wherever mail goes after thirty days, since she's a goblin a she was rather traumatized and I was a bit worried when she started hanging about near lava, but all was well since she was just fishing up volatile fire, gotta make back that gold !) , So since I was  organising mail I went and looked in my banks to organise them too.

Anyhow I found the mail belonging to one of my favourite mages, ( I only have three but I do like her best, I know the Draenei thinks she is but I like my Blood elf.) she would go about  the world talking to folks and  stuff and I/she  ( I mean, I know I'm not my character) would draw them (she's a scribe and she makes the loveliest  inscriptions , her illuminations are exquisite) , it was fun and she had a few nice letters about the sketches.

I was thinking that I missed that and have had no inspiration for scribbles, (well WoW related ones that is.)

So, then just leave a description of your character or whatever, what some mage fishing in Ratchet would see if they passed by, (fishing's not quite as good in Ratchet as it used to be but well that's where her hearth is, maybe I should move to Dalaran?) I'll sketch the first three folks who leave a reply description, or something like that over the next few weeks and post them as weekly scribbles. They won't be amazing, just sort of like the full bags picture pencil, ink, crayon whatever I feel like, mostly I just like the feeling of watching folks go about their buisness in Azeroth.

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