Friday, June 29, 2012

what will i do?

I feel in an odd spot,  at the moment my EU account is open, but my main account is lapsed. I had a bad weekend. It wasn't actually all that bad, that's the odd part, I did eleven pugs  four were awful,  the people , were at least and that tank., but in fact the rest were good to great. I don't exactly feel like   re upping my sub.

I want to play but feel detached, the account wide  achievements distresses me or probably more the pets and mounts.

I love pets, I love farming. Each character that I get attached to has a special pet. Usually I farmed for the pet. My mage has an azure whelpling, farmed up before Cata, my level 30 shaman on Moon Guard has one too, and my priest who accidentally learned it while farming for my blue haired druid.  when Mists comes out they will be merged.  But to me they are different whelps The thoughts and story of my mages whelp are different then my Shaman's.

My mage wanted to save the whelp she got from Malygos's  madness. Not really reasonable but that's how she thought, she's an odd dreamy character, kind of a flake. She will save the world and all the cute things  or set stuff on fire.

I paid a paladin to escort my Shaman (level 19 twink at the time) around the world for elder coins he put loot on free for all and we ran across the world killing stuff and she picked up the loot as we went through Ashzara, he killed some  dragonkin and  a whelp dropped, he didn't care and I kept it, a bit of random  luck, if My shaman feels she needs luck the whelp is her pet of choice.

My priests whelp  was me being clumsy, I learned it and was stuck,  she was my highest level character on that server and I used her to farm it for  my druid. The story I made up was as she traveled with it , it grew attached to her so  it didn't want to leave her.

Of course my Druid  will be able to use the whelp.

In Mists they will merge.

Yes I have my memories but the next time an azure whelpling drops I'll probably sell it, I know I can make up a story and that character can pull out the one I know  already and  say it's the one that dropped still it won't be.

It won't be the same ,  it won't feel the same if I decide to go to a new server, all my pets  are there , just pick one. What would be the point to farm  for my 23rd dark whelpling because  all the others are now just one. ( well gold but, meh )

A new character carries the history of all the other now, and sometimes that weight is too much.

My pugs each one earned by different characters doing pugs each one has different quirks, soon when I have pugged with 100, no run to the post box for my pet. The firefly my old guild master gave me before leaving, the rat fished in Dalaran while I joked with my best friend as we waited on queues,  The spirit of summer my druid has so hard to get as she ran unmounted through the world at level fifteen, merged with the others I had.( most have their on story too) My  broom riding kitty my  level  eleven troll has from riding around with some random fellow who said "hey come ride my rocket  you can trick or treat with me, you look sad, fun must be had."( My  troll was  actually giving directions to someone where to buy their wolf,not sure why she looked sad, but who could turn down such a tour!) So many other pets each farmed with the character that  wanted them, all that feels disconnected.

The only pets I'm fine with being across account are the card pets, because well  buying stuff is not quite the fun farming it up is. Actually it's annoying , but the puffer fish is adorable.

I don't raid, I'm not good enough,( also gear is not really exciting for me , the feel of success is but I would only drag a team down now.) but I farm stuff and that is my fun. I really love doing that now it feels like it's done,  I can fish or gather stuff other things I like and  of course I like PuGs. I like each time  something (ok a pet or mount really)  drops for each character, because each time is different.

I know there will be new things , but right now I feel kinda sad and apprehensive that maybe it won't be the fun I used to have , and will I find new fun?

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