Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear tank

Dear tank, amazing tank, tank that we lowly peons did not deserve. You great carrier of the masses, Ok maybe not that, because you said you don't carry  (word that I don't like to use). I know your usual healer is amazing almost but not quite a great as you. They can even heal around corners!! I could never do that! Yes I am indeed inferior. Most DPS you know can read your mind and know when you will race off , sadly the DPS in your last group couldn't and yes, the two who hadn't been there before were a little confused, I know unlike you  they weren't born knowing the fights and  I didn't type fast enough on that boss We're all really pathetic , maybe you could have pulled fewer packs at a time. I know it's slower but , some of us are well you know ....  new! yes we ARE lesser. ..

.... or maybe not, because you were sorta squishy even if your DPS was amazing ( I was impressed ) but usually with really great tanks  I don't have to heal the DPS in non AOE fights much or maybe even not are all.

So no we didn't deserve you,  because you were a pompous jerk, who called people names and threw a tantrum, when  someone died to an unexplained mechanic, one unfortunately left unexplained  because you pulled too fast.

You left and a polite tauren tank joined us a bit later he was actually a great tank, ( the DPS suddenly stopped taking damage , I know weird !) plus he was nice  and patient like his title said !

So I hope you get a group you deserve,  really I do , a group of people like you only more so!

Thanks ,

a healer


  1. Yep, I've experienced some of these. You get all sorts of dodgy players in all three roles but I usu just pug if anything on my healer.

  2. To be sure the majority of players are just fine it's the rude ones that bug me that said I should have just left the group( I had been grouped with all of the DPS for four earlier instances and they pulled their weight just fine) So sorta venting. What set me off was the guys speech before he left.