Friday, June 12, 2015

The not so fast brewfest ram and me, also trust

So, I am more or less unquitting , although my quitting probably had little effect on Blizzard, because although now unsubscribed , its still paid till September  something. I did unsub my EU account and haven't resubbed.

But your probably wondering about the Brewfest ram.

So rather a long time ago, back during the first Brewfest   Blizzard did something kinda neat. You could through tickets at level 40 get a quest  paper thingy that let you buy the Brewfest rams. This was pretty neat because up until then any cool thing was reserved for max level character, sure you had to be level 40 but it was doable.

I was really excited because although my priest was near max level, my druid was lvl 21 and I so wanted the ram for my druid. I  leveled my druid and got the ram. this took a lot of effort and i was sick at the time so probably wearing my self out leveling was a bit unreasonable.

My best friend insisted it would be there next year. and I should rest, but no I got the ram. Ok I was a bit unhealthily obsessed. My guild thought I was crazy. Do you know why I got the ram that year? It was because I knew it was too cool, it was way to fun, way to great for a non max level character to get and I said, you know they're gonna remove this. My friend and I argued about it and I was adamant,  I was getting the ram now because it would be gone.

Guess what? blizzard removed the ram. you cant get the slow lvl 40 Brewfest ram anymore unless you did the quest. It was too easy, I guess or too fun or  the horde shouldn't get an alliance mount. I was right, but not happy about being right.

I played since vanilla, I already knew you couldn't trust blizzard, if its fun, they will take it away  or nerf it. I really don't get them I think there is some sort of griefer type person high up in their hirearchy.

So I'm still playing, I'm glad flying s back, as I kinda like grinds, but I still don't trust Blizzard.

I'm also buying Final Fantasy when I can afford it for me eldest child, after I build them a new PC that can run it.

Not exactly sure what I'm saying here , but Blizzard hasn't exactly changed all that much, you could see this removing thing even back in The Burning Crusade, I' saw the pattern a long time ago. When they took out flying I wasn't all that surprised , actually I wasn't surprised, disapointed  though .

Friday, May 22, 2015

No flying, I quit.

No more WoW . Not for me, eldest resigned their raid spot. All canceled, may not even log in to play out my last few of months.

Be well everyone.

That is all.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

some game stuff, mostly complaining

I find no flying in Draenor very annoying. I just do , I think  one of the things I mostly like about WoW is flying. When I used to also play Perfect World it was because I like to fly they have winged Elves that can fly from level one everyone else can get mounts at some later time. Back then I thought flying would make WoW better, and it did , but not knowing if I will get it back annoys me and makes me kinda sad and angry.

I'm mostly playing an account without Warlords of Draenor, because well, no point in Draenor if no flying ever. I canceled my mains sub with my complaint it will run out sometime next month.

I'm also not happy with how much they have been changing things in general, excessive change for what feels like no good reason annoys me.  Basically they have made almost all classes and specs I played except cat druids and  beast mastery hunters( to be honest my hunter really just runs around collecting pets and fishing I really don't know haw to play her properly, but she gets what I want to do done, but her pet dies a lot now ) are kinda un fun in a way I can't explain exactly, but it is irritating to have to relearn stuff, I can but it takes time and I play Wow to relax not have to think  hard. If I want to think hard there are other things to learn , like classes and other hobbys.

I healed two random PuGs on my druid and it was hard, not in a fun way either. For me there was this thing about healing, there is this way of timing stuff your brain does unconsciously after having done it a bit, like how you know long a pan of water will take to boil because you have done it and also with cooking other things it sorta like an internal sense of timing so base on variables you make choices that get outcomes you want. Healing was like that in vanilla WoW also through Wrath, at least for me. I would get a feel for how damage was coming in and know what spell to choose, and usually it went rather well. It doesn't seem to feel like that any more , like you have less choice and somehow  heals just don't cover damage group members are taking. It just doesn't feel like that anymore , or I am just not caring enough, but darn I miss that feeling, maybe I just haven't healed much lately but I would think it would be there a little. I'll keep trying for a while, may just be lack of trying, but yeah change can annoy me.

Garrisons seem kinda neat, but since I'm avoiding Draenor I haven't done much, the horde one makes me feel cold and I'm already cold , its very cold here so very cold. Eldest child informs me one of the  followers  has the same name, class and spec and race as my character, so that's amusing. Her feet are probably cold like mine right now though.

I do still like Wow. I know I sound like I don't but I do and I still have fun doodling about. I don't think I need a break did have one for a while while I was without a WoW capable computer, but I built a new one it's quite nice, better then my old one.

There have been a lot of changes in my out of game life . Things are seeming settled and I do have time for WoW now so I'll probably be here more, some of my real life stresses are less overall, so I can interact with the world in a better way.