Tuesday, December 14, 2010

easily amused

ghost wolf and rocket jump. I'm not sure why it just amuses the heck out of me. arf ....whosh giggle!

I started a goblin shaman , I really like playing her, I tried a worgen druid but still find the in worgen form movement to look weird so I may just get to 30 ( think it's 30 now) and spend all my time in moonkin form. I really found the goblin and worgen beginner areas annoying though, I usually prefer to start character and wander randomly through various starting areas, and the following the one path just sorta pissed me off .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm back playing WoW, I still have mixed feelings about the Cata changes, but I actually having fun. I really hope they find a new place for some of the whelps to drop since my farming in the last week has failed and I really want an azure whelpling .

I'm back on the US servers since the EU shop won't sell me time ( I will draw character portraits for EU game time or US even, just contact me if you're interested. samples of my art http://doombunni.deviantart.com/). I went back to Moon Guard, like always, I guess it was the first place I ever played just for myself and how I wanted, so it's still my favourite place to go, I need more character slots though or to delete a few characters... maybe there will be queues and free transfers off with the expansion *shrug * I can hope.

I can't wait to try a gnome priest , or troll druid though, but I may just race change my NE druid to a troll, because I have two druids on the server already and both have pets and neat items from the past.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

just a minute

My son: I died.

Me: I can rez you in two levels if you want to wait.

One level later an orc warlock level 80 falls from the cliff where you do part of the shaman quest. We stand looking down at his dead body.

My daughter: My mum can rez you in one level after she trains.

Friday, August 27, 2010

other nonsense

It seems odd the zepplins run by goblins are free , but you pay for a wyvern ride.

tanks and lava again

Ok so, what is it about the lava in ragefire chasm? three tanks fell in , one jumped in a second time on purpose.

The one that jumped in said he was a bad tank and leave him dead, he was and I did, but all in all it was a strange day.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

if you don't let me drink I'll ground you!

My son started a leveling a tank a dwarf warrior, and I started a gnome mage to level with him , but by 20 I hated being a mage ( I find it fun to solo as frost but not fun in groups) and switched to a pally healer so I'm his pocket healer. He's surprisingly good, rarely loses aggro makes good pulls and never lets me get my face smashed up by a lot of mobs. We've pugged to about 50 now ... the only issue he had was forgetting my mana ( no, I won't really ground him) and when there was some confusion about real life water and in game water ( it's hot and well I was thirsty, but I meant I needed to drink in game). we've survived a couple of crazy pulls like when that rogue dug up seven graves in ZF while I was drinking ( I let the rogue die) the rest of us all lived and it was fun.

One particular benefit is we are in the same room, so we have fairy clear voice communication, the tank healer trust level is pretty high so at points where I've seen other tanks freeze up we just keep going and pull through ( see this on my main healer a pull goes bad, and the tank just says we're all gonna die, and just stands there. I never understood this , why stop trying how else will you have those great tales to tell if you don't try<3 Lorsty for all the crazy amazing storys we have).

The groups were all surprisingly civil, I remember discussing with him at level 15 how people are mean to tanks and try not to be too distressed if they act like asses, then we hit the random LFG and were off only one super obnoxious hunter who someone else started the vote kick on before I could. It's been a lot of fun and when his papa (80 warlock) and sister (62 boomkin/kitty) join us someday as DPS, or rather we join them as we catch up we will have family fun.

He's planning a healer next and I'll give tanking a go, it should be interesting.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I cancelled

I know to Blizzard I'm pretty irrelevant, may family's accounts don't mean much,but they are all canceled. I still have time paid til October, I have been playing five years so buying time in big chunks seemed like a good idea, except I no longer can find any interest in playing the game anymore. I logged in on Crystia and Taisie today to pick up their gold from auctions,at least everything sold, looked at Koralie on the character select page thought about dailys and a random or two, but no, all that is in the back of my mind is Real ID and where they plan to go from here, maybe if they change their minds about the forums and real names I'll keep playing. It's hard to know. The funny thing is this last weekend I moved my last character off the server where I was harassed( after not playing the character for six months) , the guy still plays there so yeah privacy and real names *sigh* wish I'd known about real ID future plans a few days earlier. I do really enjoy the game it's the place I hang out when I can't do anything else. I love flying around on my blue drake, fishing for that elusive turtle on Koralie(I have four of them on alts and EU Koralie has hers) and just looking at the scenery and daydreaming,I certainly don't hate the game and I will miss it I already do. I just don't like the unknown the feeling that eventually we won't be able to be just our characters in game. I really don't play a roleplaying game to be myself , not that I don't like being me , but a break now and then is rather pleasant and gives interesting perspectives. Of course right now I really don't have any friends in game, most had already quit or were on extended breaks so no one will miss me.

So for now I'll go be an elven rune keeper when gaming online, and a pokemon trainer offline I have a nifty flying pikachu and my houndoom to keep me company, and other places to daydream about.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


the Real ID forum thing makes me angry, and I have nothing to clear to say, except , I'm glad I have other games to play, LOTR online is fun and at least Lorsty plays it too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

trying out a new UI

I played my priest today, I didn't really want to, but I wanted a couple of bottle caps
( for some reason my family started calling badges and emblems bottle caps) to trade for the last of some heirlooms for an alt. I may suck, ( was trying to use healbot for the first time, it feels different, next time I'll get friends when I try something new) but if the last healer left and the one before that says your tanking sucks and you kick them it may not be all me. I's hard to heal someone when their health drops so fast spamming greater heal keeps them at about 30% health and the trash is pounding on you, tank's percentage of aggro should be higher then healers thank you, and um tank more then one mob. To be honest it was a relief they kicked me. The next four heroics went quickly and smoothly and my priest will be dormant till I want some other heirlooms on that server.

When I started playing my priest, I clicked , I clicked in vanilla and through TBC raids and did fine, but I started using the keyboard with my pally it seems faster also I'd hurt my mouse hand/wrist when I started my pally, and my priest heals have no procedural memory, I need practice to get better, but I usually do fine, that is no one dies.

I disabled healbot for now.

I'm whiny tonight and grumpy , it's awfully hot and humid.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Real ID

I'm not going to use it. I think that Blizzard is unaware or deliberately ignoring the risks involved. I like to play alone on alts and not talk to some of my friends, the only friend I would put on it knows my name and has ways of contacting me out of game. I just don't trust anyone else. Why don't I trust anyone else, well, most of the people I've met while playing WoW are probably perfectly nice sensible good hearted folks, but I have been stalked three times of note by three people who were perfectly nice seeming to begin with, in one case I had to delete the character, this was before server transfers and name changes, on the others I moved servers . Blizzard doesn't actually do a lot to deter stalkers they don't punish them other then with a minor slap on the wrist like a short ban, and yes I reported these people and asked them to leave me alone, sent in tickets and even emails, but I'm the one that had to leave my server , the guild I had been in for a year and avoid all of my friends lest the player realize it was me and start all over again. In defense of my guild in the first case the guy was gkicked and ignored by the guild but still got alts in the guild over time till I gave up and left the guild so they wouldn't have the drama.

I posted in the thread on the official forums , how long before guild require you to give them your real ID, sorry if you want to raid, we own you, and will harass you till you stop picking herbs on your alliance alt on that other server, were's short, so log on your main or we gkick you .

Or maybe your friend who you like, has just broke up with their girlfriend and you just spent a few hours listening to and trying to comfort, logs on after you said you had something else to do and realizes you are playing WoW, because they can see you are on an alt OMG don't you care you callous jerk.

Or maybe a buddy just want's you to come heal their PuG because the healer left, I mean that alt is level 10 what could be so important.....

I don't need the tank who was with my guild for six months who I thought was a normal guy declare he loves me ( What the hell?) because I have a nice voice, and he knows I love him because I never let him die, knowing all of my alts or my whole real name.

And also last but not least think of the children, I read those creepy creepy flag RSPs, I know what kind of people are out there, do you want some 14 year old giving their real ID to the gal(?!) with the horse wiener in Goldshire because their parent didn't realize the sort of people that are out there? My kids real Id will be off, even though their accounts are in my name.

I like my privacy. I'll keep my alts to myself .

Friday, June 18, 2010

Roleplaying and LFD

Last night I was in mara , orange crystal side, on my druid . We all teleported in except the tank who had been on a boat , we waited for the tank, it took a while as she apparently planned to fly there. So the mage went back to questing the rogue danced with the hunters pet and I went and got some tea, then left to buy some glyphs, then took a bio after the mage and hunter did ( ahh the power of suggestion and too much tea). The rogue eventually explained to the tank she could use the eye thingy to teleport in, then I did since the tank was like " wuh?" then the mage explained it since both the rogue and I were confusing.... still too confusing. the mage dropped group by now we had waited 20 minutes and then the hunter explained it and the tank appeared, a shadow priest joined us and off we go. I'm oddly patient I should have left but hate dropping group and honestly I was expecting the tank to suck. The tank was actually pretty good but........

The tank roleplayed , in character the whole instance , stopping for meals getting excited over various things and generally causing the whole instance to take an hour and twenty minutes. No one was willing to leave because it would take too long to get another group, tanks in lower level LFD are sort a rare (maybe just my battlegroup?) at that level we had all waited almost an hour for the group. I though it was sort of impolite of them to insist on their style of play for the entire group, and yes, I did stay and my vote to kick the tank didn't go through. If I had been in a hurry or had a limited play time available I would have been more annoyed, we finished and an hour later when the next group popped from queue I was back there in a no nonsense gogogo group, it was fast and efficient we got our exp and goodie bags, but in a way i wonder if a nice group of all roleplayers who knew they were going to be in character might not be fun sometimes.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looking for Dungeon and being alone

LFD option makes it so much easier to finds groups for what I find fun, which is healing five mans. I don't have to be buddys with these people,only just polite and decent at what I do, the sorta bad messy groups can be a fun challenge while leveling and if they are total jerks I can ignore them and never see them again, it works out nicely. I rather like the LFD option, in that past I did a lot of PuGs on my own servers, or grouped with others in my guilds, at least when I was in a guild. I'm sort of non social when it comes to WoW . I don't hate people , I just don't want to be in someones company at all times, how do people do that? I used to join guilds and try to make friends and such but in the end it just wore me out emotionally, really how much drama and personality conflicts can one guild have? I have a few friends I like, a tank I adore, and when we are together we are amazing and can have silly fun.( he's taking a break, burnout. it happens.) Thinking back, though, this last year has been the only time I haven't had a regular tank partner, it's been different ones over the years each one I admired and enjoyed working with, each were quirky and eccentric in their own way, I do sort of miss that. On the other hand you do meet some interesting people in random PuGs, although why are they always on different servers?

Thursday, May 13, 2010


That was some headache eh? between now and then I got rather sick spent some time in hospital and got two 80's one of which has the pug pet now. But I'm still pugging away daily, just on different alts. Because I got heirloom gear and I wanted to level more alts eventually I'll have 80's of each healing class.

I found that in fact I'm not so sure I like priest healing anymore or maybe five years and anything gets boring, also I'm either very good or pretty bad it really depends on if I'm enjoying myself. I also found out a couple of instances can induce seizures* and to be polite I just apologise and drop group, although I do have a couple of tricks to avoid looking at the flashy lights, unless I really want to be there it's not worth it.

I like paladin healing and I think I'm pretty good at it ( ok, so people compliment me almost every run it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy warm fuzzys are like a + 100 on my healing skill) and not being squishy is nice.

My druid is doing well and I think I'm going to enjoy that sort of healing too.

My new Shaman is ok , one spell pretty boring so far, but the party stays alive. I'm leveling her in tandem with my daughters druid. just did call of water, they need to shorten that at least for horde, allince is so easy comparatively speaking.

* I don't have the classic tonic clonic seizures (well very rarely) but do have absance and complex and simple partial seizures. I'm photosensitive and basically it tends to be if there is a bright flash my brain can go afk for 30 to 60 seconds or so I don't move or heal and after I can be a little confused although sometimes I just repeat what I was doing. It's fairly rare and other people have lag so....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I missed today an yester day because I had a rather bad headache although , it was better for a bit this morning it came back in the afternoon, I just can't concentrate if I my head hurts and I feel like throwing up. So i'll PuG more when I feel better.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

more graveyard

30-31 all I get is SM graveyard it's getting boring.
Only did two groups today.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mostly an alt day

Tanks shouldn't jump in lava
they shouldn't do it once, or even twice , three times is just really too much.
Unless they are very bad at tanking,
Then immediately upon entering an instance with lava they should jump right in and stay there, until being removed from group.

I mostly played alts today.
Three very uneventful fast runs through SM graveyard on Cassarah.

Friday, January 8, 2010

.... so did something go wrong?

I zoned in, it was SM graveyard, the group was dead, they were swearing at each other and tossing out insults, I was about to rez the first party member I saw when the group broke up.
I and the rogue were the only two with the random group timers and only the first two mobs were dead.

I was left to ponder what happened.

My friend thinks it went down like this : they are fighting the first two mobs in the hallway one runs into the main room and aggros the boss and maybe everyone else, they die.

But the tank and the rest of the group except the rogue had to be there for fifteen minutes, I think it may have not been a group that I would have wanted to be in.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today I got a group just as I started chatting with a GM about restoring a pet that went missing. I probably should have declined , but didn't, and since no one died and the instance went fast I think it was ok although I did resort to lay on hands once.

Scarlet monastery graveyard , generally very fast and not all that hard to heal.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Long wait

Today there was a rather long wait to get a random group, it was Gnomeregan, not a surprise and it was fairly fast and uneventful, the first tank left after leveling and we got a new very good tank in a very short time while we were in the clean zone.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

wherein I throw a tantrum

Today my main server went down for maintenence so I PuGed on a priest alt, three trips through ragefire chasm, the first a druid rolled need on everything and the wait to kick him was long because they'd kicked the last healer just before I came, one death due DPS to falling in lava it went well otherwise.
The next group the warrior rolled need on all cloth, it annoyed me but nothing I needed dropped, but the one after that the Tank also a warrior rolled need on the cloth boss drop and won it he then insisted he didn't have it and could use it to heal on an alt, so I refused to heal him, not exactly a big tantrum, but he did die. I usually don't care these are low level drops and quickly replaced but warriors don't need cloth especially cloth with intellect and if one kept rolling need on stuff he didn't use he would just be annoying over the long term.

Maybe the lack of intellect affects warriors reasoning skills.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Today started with Razorfen Kraul, we had a great tank, unfortunately he disconnected half way through and it took a while to replace him. During the whole run about every five minutes the druid asked if we were done yet, which was interesting because later in the day I got RFK again and the tank, who was really bad kept asking is this it are we done yet? anyhow he left just after we cleared the last room before the boss. We finished anyhow. Later in the day I had a nice run in Gnomeregan, the tank was once again rather good but we had a warrior who needed on everything and constantly ran ahead, he was eventually kicked.

Today I once again noticed that gnomes are often named for food.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The first instance today was The Deadmines, the tank a druid was from SoE too and did very well , rather a relief from yesterday, he took damage at a reasonable rate , and kept aggro nicely. The group did so well we did a second random instance together, Wailing Caverns it went a heck of a lot more smoothly then yesterday.

I'm hoping for Shadowfang keep next , I always liked that place.
" Good day, Arugal, I've come for your robes"

Ever notice every caster their brother, their aunts cousins dog and hunter wears Arugals robes? Really can you wear them to a party, especially if everyone else is too?
Who makes all those robes for him ?
With Cataclysm will her ever get a new designer, what will be the next big fashion trend?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wailing Caverns

The first random instance was Wailing Caverns.
The first tank we got was wearing a robe and various items from a vendor , the group voted to kick him. Perhaps he should just get a club and some ancestral woolies and say he was a barbarian?
The second tank said "Wailing caverns F*@# it" and left.
The third tank was a paladin, wasn't great at holding aggro and the mobs just sort of attacked everyone
Tank four left without a word immediately after zoning.
Tank five, was a druid and although wearing a holiday outfit did just fine and the instance was finished, although the tank did roll need on a wand from a rare mob and all the dps left and was replaced.

Not a bad start I think.

day one, and an explanation

Hi I play world of warcraft and have for five years I still don't have a level 80 character but this year I will, I hope because I want a pet pug in game. I like dogs.

Pug in the title refers to pickup group, particularly in world of Warcraft, in this case using the random group finder, I plan to start at 17 and make my way to 80 mostly with random PuGs, doing at least one a day. I expect this to be somewhat amusing.

I'm going to play a holy paladin and heal, because I like healing. My character is on the realm Sisters of Elune and is named Cassarah.

the blog will also include random ramblings about WoW, and any other random stuff I plan to ramble about unrelated to WoW.