Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Real ID

I'm not going to use it. I think that Blizzard is unaware or deliberately ignoring the risks involved. I like to play alone on alts and not talk to some of my friends, the only friend I would put on it knows my name and has ways of contacting me out of game. I just don't trust anyone else. Why don't I trust anyone else, well, most of the people I've met while playing WoW are probably perfectly nice sensible good hearted folks, but I have been stalked three times of note by three people who were perfectly nice seeming to begin with, in one case I had to delete the character, this was before server transfers and name changes, on the others I moved servers . Blizzard doesn't actually do a lot to deter stalkers they don't punish them other then with a minor slap on the wrist like a short ban, and yes I reported these people and asked them to leave me alone, sent in tickets and even emails, but I'm the one that had to leave my server , the guild I had been in for a year and avoid all of my friends lest the player realize it was me and start all over again. In defense of my guild in the first case the guy was gkicked and ignored by the guild but still got alts in the guild over time till I gave up and left the guild so they wouldn't have the drama.

I posted in the thread on the official forums , how long before guild require you to give them your real ID, sorry if you want to raid, we own you, and will harass you till you stop picking herbs on your alliance alt on that other server, were's short, so log on your main or we gkick you .

Or maybe your friend who you like, has just broke up with their girlfriend and you just spent a few hours listening to and trying to comfort, logs on after you said you had something else to do and realizes you are playing WoW, because they can see you are on an alt OMG don't you care you callous jerk.

Or maybe a buddy just want's you to come heal their PuG because the healer left, I mean that alt is level 10 what could be so important.....

I don't need the tank who was with my guild for six months who I thought was a normal guy declare he loves me ( What the hell?) because I have a nice voice, and he knows I love him because I never let him die, knowing all of my alts or my whole real name.

And also last but not least think of the children, I read those creepy creepy flag RSPs, I know what kind of people are out there, do you want some 14 year old giving their real ID to the gal(?!) with the horse wiener in Goldshire because their parent didn't realize the sort of people that are out there? My kids real Id will be off, even though their accounts are in my name.

I like my privacy. I'll keep my alts to myself .

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