Thursday, June 24, 2010

trying out a new UI

I played my priest today, I didn't really want to, but I wanted a couple of bottle caps
( for some reason my family started calling badges and emblems bottle caps) to trade for the last of some heirlooms for an alt. I may suck, ( was trying to use healbot for the first time, it feels different, next time I'll get friends when I try something new) but if the last healer left and the one before that says your tanking sucks and you kick them it may not be all me. I's hard to heal someone when their health drops so fast spamming greater heal keeps them at about 30% health and the trash is pounding on you, tank's percentage of aggro should be higher then healers thank you, and um tank more then one mob. To be honest it was a relief they kicked me. The next four heroics went quickly and smoothly and my priest will be dormant till I want some other heirlooms on that server.

When I started playing my priest, I clicked , I clicked in vanilla and through TBC raids and did fine, but I started using the keyboard with my pally it seems faster also I'd hurt my mouse hand/wrist when I started my pally, and my priest heals have no procedural memory, I need practice to get better, but I usually do fine, that is no one dies.

I disabled healbot for now.

I'm whiny tonight and grumpy , it's awfully hot and humid.

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