Sunday, November 10, 2013

New expansion and stuff

Time travel confuses me, so now there will be pandas all over the past. ( alternate past??? I have read over info but am still confused , it will take some time to process) I like pandas so i guess that is ok. I think I maybe can keep two classes in my head to play so for pandas I think shaman and then  druids otherwise. I like monks but three classes is too much to remember buttons for. I still play hunters ( 'cause pets) but frankly I just solo and sorta randomly hit keys.

I like  what I see of the new models. I wish the Tauren were more fluffy  like the Yangol. Dwarf female looks pretty nice, dwarves can be shaman  so good.

Garrison seems kinda cool like a form of player housing, but will it become pointless like the farm? i ma not sure I like how things get obsolete like that it feels weird, you work hard on it then  it's irrelevant. Kind of like how Pokemon dream world is now, I am annoyed about that i liked my house and furniture now  irrelevant  and * poof * gone i January.

Instant 90 will be nice I think but since I already have druid 90's  it won't be  that needed.

I am moderately excited.

Right now Pokemon is still a bit more interesting then WoW.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

so last year....

Blizzard said something about an invisible option for battlenet, but I tried the new interface and saw nothing.
Did they forget or something or were they just lying.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Moon moon, pumpkins and Pokemon

having obtained about 13 Moon moons, ( I gave one away so really 12 now) I will be taking a break from World of Warcraft because even though those Moon moons need to be trained and battled, my true gaming love is out with a new version , or versions and all of my gaming attention will be diverted to Pokemon X and Y. This version has a ghost /grass type that looks like a jack o lantern, I may have a new favourite!

Perhaps I'l log on, for a bit to collect more sinister squashlings during Hallows End,  and have a go at the headless horseman. I have one bank tab nearly full of squashlings, butI need more squashlings , because I plan to take over the world with pumpkins mwahhahah!

Or I just want to see if my son really will kick me from the guild  if I fill up one full tab plus with them.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Max level again, Monk reaches 90

So One year out the first monk I made in Mists is now 90. She's doing well, running for her life on the isle and killing non elites, because I am an ok cat druid but my monk has only been a healer, so when I got tokens they all went for healing , without any thought for DPS.

 a humanoid panda girl running from four tigers with  a fifth one further back stunned by a spiky purple spell

My druid is also a failure at healing, because lightning is bad for my brain in any form. Except maybe shaman lightning , but I tent to close my eyes a lot while playing my shaman (if elemental) and she was mostly a healer.

I have also been up to oddball hijinks.

This character is level one, she looted that ruby droplet four times, actually, but I gave one away to a crying paladin, he had been there for days. ( I had seen him for days on my druid and know how sad that can be.)  , but I got a summon, lovely view  and if I hit garnia , or just miss a lot, I can loot , almost to two thousand timeless coins, anyhow  this amused me, another bank alt I'll need to level.
An elf with aqua hair under water in a reddish lake fighting a red and  tarnished silver  fish masked  inverse teardrop bodied creature from behind. a small version of the creature floats behind her.

Aqua haired elf standing beside the small fish masked creatute with a red tinged pond behind her.

So it's been a fun week. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Isle of shiny things

I love shiny things, ok , now that's done, I will say what i think of the timeless Isle.

There are many sparklies many things to find an pick up and collect and , I must say I find it quite fun.

When I got there though, it was sorta  of a nightmare, a crane pretty much kicked my kitty butt.

Although I had reached 90 on two druids playing as a cat, and have four 80 druids and another 87 druid ( on this account)  I just sorta wasn't all that good. ( I can still heal , but so far healing stuff to death doesn't work.)

Stuff on the island was a bit harder then the stuff I'd vanquished while leveling and, despite my embarrassment my early demise to a big pink crane I didn't give up , the spirit healer shooed me back into the world right by a snake.... and I died again, after they sent me back to the land of the living with some words of encouragement ( or maybe they just rolled their eyes). I thought to myself, maybe this is a great opportunity to learn how to get better, Ok so at first I was just annoyed and went and collected some glinting sand, and after a few more chats with the spirit healer ( we've spent some quality time together in the past, we're kinda like friends and not too many people stick around and chat so they gets lonely) . I did actually decide to do some research.

You can probably tell I'm not all that great at DPS, in fact I won't say how bad I was when I got there just that it would have been sad numbers in Wrath, so I went and read some stuff in between  collecting chests
(shiny!!!) and running for my life.

Anyhow I got some various armour piece tokens and figured out what to do with them and then I went and killed that crane.

Up until the Isle though  I really hadn't had to do much to finish quests and kill stuff. I really had no idea what I was doing even if I was having my solo fun ( I did heal dungeons and scenarios and stuff but like I said healing is different).

The Island is not only a good catch up for gear but also to learn how to play. For example for the cranes the very basic get out of the bad or run behind the crane thing. The snakes you need to stun ( or just stand near an apple tree and eat the apples ( like a lightwell?) actually ripe crisp fruit  healing yourself ... snakes and apples  * snickers*) . Foreboding flames you interrupt their bolt and move away before their ground effect. Everything has something you have to actually think about,  it also helps to know what tools you have to do what you need to for the encounters. This sort of thing may be useful for someone who has obliviously sauntered their was to max level, and it's defiantly better then just tossing gear their way ( ok, it sorta does just toss gear your way) . So I figured some things out gemmed and enchanted my gear and am not quite embarrassed by my DPS ,( just by the fact I used my  DPS gems and enchants on my healing gear  because the icons look the same ) sure I can and will improve , but it's a very fun way to catch up . ( don't worry you won't see me as DPS in group content for a while,well the brewfest guy but 52 k is ok? ) I even got a new pet, which the me who arrived at the island last week could have never had any chance of farming up.
A Blue maned troll in cat form druid standing in front of a blue bonfire with a small cat headed glowing blue spirit 

Monday, September 9, 2013

another 90, this is weird

My other druid is 90, ( ok so she is one of many druids , oh so many druids)
grey and white troll cat druid

She is a troll, and I got her up there so I could see the whole Darkspear rebellion, from the horde side.

I think the horde version seemed a lot cooler, if a bit more difficult. The taking of razor hill was hard , but then I found the guy who gives you the heal buff and that  helped a lot.

My son is in a raiding guild now, tanking, so he is looking forward to the new raid and all.

My game has become very solitary.

Maybe I'll find myself a guild , one that is social but not distressing.

Much of the new content is just to flashy for my brain to take, although it may be that melee gets you in the thick of everyone's effects. I may try looking for raid just because gear, ( better gear means I can solo more old stuff) but I also think I may be too useless.

Worgen druid has been doing scenarios as either moonkin or healing, and it has been going well, moonkin has you standing back , same with healing. Troll druid has been doing them as a kitty, but only two a day .

I'm still not exactly sure what I want to do at 90, I'll probably solo a lot of older stuff and collect pretty outfits , mounts and pets.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Not warcraft related ( skip if you don't want to hear my rant about ableism)

Ok, so I have been busy, with my normal life.

I am so sick of the world and it's shit sometimes.

I went out to  a coffee shop/ bakery with my daughter.

At a table criss cross were two people having a discussion.

Man and woman discussing another woman who had been hit by a car and injured last year ago, she had brain damage she had seizures , some memory problems but from their conversation was not unhappy . they talked how she still did stuff with her kids had to have aids for memory stuff (notes perhaps, I know I need notes and alarms galore.) her family loved her and was happy she was alive. Mostly the woman talking knew the family , so she talked about the good things, and haw she was still in many ways the same but ( there is always the but.... ehh?) She had  pnemonia. The woman was hopeful it was not so serious and she would get better. The man declared it would be better if she died because she would never go back to her old life job and was just a burden now.

Seriously WTF dude?

So by account of someone who knew her, she was part of a loving family who wanted her alive and this  guy thinks her life is worthless because disability. ( seizure are just too scary to let those epileptics around kids you know.)

Ok, so maybe just maybe, I take when people say shit like this personally ( because I have brain damage and seizures plus other disabilitys).

I rather like being alive I hate that many people think that if you are not fully normal you are worthless.

Disabled people are not valued in our society.

I hate how  parents will kill or attempt to kill their disabled children and , their parent who kills will get sympathy for their difficulties " oh raising that child was so hard, " they  say " I can completely understand and  the parent has my sympathy" The parent does not have my sympathy, they have only my disdain and disgust. You are BAD parent and also a bad person if you try and kill your kid!

I was a difficult kid. My parents adopted me. They expected a healthy normal baby. I was not, I had an autism diagnosis at 6 plus was thought to be mentally retarded I would get throw out of school for violent outbursts, ( I spent much of my early school in special ed learning how to  sort of act normal or at least not disrupt) I was kicked off the bus in first grade. Because of physical abnormalities my parents had to pay out of pocket for surgerys so I could walk . ( pre existing condition insurance would not cover )

My parents never once even thought about killing me. They love me and support me.

My family likes me alive and with them, even if I am different now. ( my inability to tell left from right does sort of leave my son exasperated  =P  ) No one is perfect.

My friends like me too even if I am not so quick as I was and forget stuff.

Monday, August 5, 2013


My druid is 90, this is pretty fast in an expansion fr me to get to max level.

I am sorta unexcited about it.

Yes, I can solo more stuff, and she's on an empty server, so my son's main can be dragged over to her pandaria for killing warbringers ( he must have all the mounts, it's actually why I did get to 90 at all ) and kill rares, there are herbs and ore galore, and maybe five greens in the leather chest piece  section of the AH ( ok,so it was pre 61 but still, not much to choose from).

We went to the barrens to  help trolls or something. We killed horde so that was good I think. Some I could kill, mostly the peon type ones, but others were more dangerous, like that one goblin.
A dead worgen in the foreground, a small pink haired gnome attacking fighting a very large green goblin, a blue demon  attacking the goblin too.

My druid died, but it was an epic gnome VS goblin showdown, the goblin lost, and the gnome kindly soulstoned the druid and she was back to life, and now contemplating her general lack of gear and probably skill.
Gnome and demon  look over the body of the dead goblin admiring their handiwork. Worgen contemplates how the
barrens smell.
So this is 90, maybe I should just grow more pumpkins. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

oh hi...

I have been tired a lot of late. Convergence is also coming up. ( a convention that is local to me)

I am doing stuff.

Making a Mylune doll.

Making dolls to photograph a reenactment of being Navispammed. ( I started this months ago I work slowly)

Hopefully I will have my plush imp and starter warlock robes finished for the convention.

I also hope to get my Worgen druid to 90 by months end.

I am also being annoyed at the lack of pet battle exp.

So I am busy and still thinking of here.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

pet battles day one

I know I have been away a bit but I was planning on doing this, but life gets busy.
Here is day one in comic form, I plan to do all in comic form .

Monday, March 4, 2013

always the last minute

Ok , not quite the last minute.

I used to be a bank al- err  I used to manage this mages overflow of possessions, after all, the world is a dangerous place and Stormwind is generally safe.

I had only ever really been to Northshire abby,  with a quick  pass through Goldshire  on my way to Stormwind before Thursday night when...

There I was at the mailbox and this worm thing sat there in a pool of slime next to a well dressed fellow with a bow.  I was annoyed for a moment at the ooze, as it slowly sunk into my shoes thinking " eww there just aren't that many foot wear options at my station in life"  but then I thought to myself  , hmmm slime trails, I'll never get lost again.

I commented on how big and impressive his worm was. He glared at me and said, "Why can't people like you stay in Goldshire ...."

Wasn't the most pleasant fellow.

I decided that was the pet for me. ( not his my own, I wouldn't steal someones pet....)

I needed to get stronger.

I went to the Inn my warlock friend was staying at and said  " We need to go out in the world and  become stronger"

She was bored so she agreed, after I gave her fifty gold, something about her imp being annoying and her wanting a new one.

But I got distracted.... frequently.

" Look pretty flowers!"

" a fishing pool!"

" That undead critter looks like a challenge for my squirrel..."

"Hey, I bet there are some treasure chests around here...."

I wasn't sure I would make it.

I did though.

I even met a nice hunter from far away, and we both got a pet larva.

It is really is a big worm.

I probably still get lost though.

This imp's kinda annoying too....

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Look ! new pet! he's translucent!

   So what part of kill the wolf and get back the sword did you not understand ?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

lamp posts

In Vanilla I was on auto run and got stuck on a lamp post, somehow actually stuck in it as in not able to escape it.

Since then they have been the enemy.

If I have a character on follow  they will inevitably be caught on a lamp post.

I have blinked into lamp posts, thus the name of the blog my son and I have ( currently not doing much since he is taking a break from WoW)

I have rolled into lamp posts. My monks head still hurts. Even though she's undead and probably feels nothing.

See that bend, that was me!

Tonight I disengaged into a lamp post.

At least there are no gazebos.

I would be so doomed.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Autistic people should....

Trigger warning for image.

Put that in the Google search and you get a rather distressing and very disappointing auto complete.
People searching on google WTF?!!

Today is a day to flash blog about what Autistic people should ....

I have trouble with the word should, because it was always uesd against me. You should not flap your hands , you should not spin, you should stop rocking, you should talk, you should give up your obsession with plush animals...

You get it a lot of bad shoulds.

Maybe time for some good shoulds

Although  shoulds should only be done when you want to.

The autocomplete is as I sad disturbing, wouldn't it be nice if people actually saw something different?

I'm autistic.

I married an autistic.

My son is autistic .

My daughter is autistic.

I want the world to be a good place for them and their peers.

Autistic people should create art.

Autistic people should get married. (if they want to, and to the gender of their choice!)

Autistic people should have children. (If they want to, because being unwanted is sad)

Autistic people should stim.

Autistic people should write blogs.

Autistic people should play video games. ( in the way they like even if it's "wrong" ) 

Autistic people should create games.

Autistic people should be treated with respect.

Autistic people should be heard, and listened to.

Autistic people should be safe and happy.

Autistic people should live

My family expected me to sort of be an eccentric spinster living with family as I made art and dolls and never to go to college and get married and certainly not to have kids, although they encouraged me to do all that I did do.

And I did. 

I still have communication problems.

This is not the most eloquent blog.

But people out there, be caring and don't hate difference, try to be understanding, there are a lot of people out there and people with different abilitys we should value and respect them all.

Be kind.

Be accepting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Air and fire

                                                       Stylish warlock and new friend
do you see something flying up there?

Cursecog Says thank you Navimie, He'll try not to corrupt the Air spirit, try , no promises,  'cause he's a warlock. Also he's on fire , and air just feeds that.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bank alts and me

I was rather a long while ago introduced to the idea of "mules" as my guild mates called them then, a character that held your stuff till you needed it, it seemed like a really cool idea. So I made one.

She hung out in Orgrimmar and held my materials and  auctioned stuff .

Except for one thing she was just wearing  her starter outfit, which wasn't all that cool, but she was level one so ehh, not much choice. I bought her some vendor stuff, and imported an alliance druid robe ( her outfit went to the alliance druid my Alliance bank alt) but it was not enough , she needed to look better.

I would level her just a little , you know till she had some nice clothes....

She needed professions too because well you just should right?

I found the perfect outfit after seeing someone in the Undercity, but you had to be level sixty or close.

Fifteen levels later she had a back story

Thirty some levels later she needed a bank alt because leveling gets you stuff, and going all the way to the one auction house was bothersome.

So I made another bank alt.

The original was level  sixty and looked good but you can't have a level 60 bank alt right?

Of course the new bank alt looked a bit shoddy in her starter gear....

On the Alliance the bank alt was well, in  a nifty horde shaman starter outfit, but I wanted antlers... I mean that would look so cool....

I'd have to level

and raid...

and she needed a bank alt

then my friend wanted to play on another server, so I started with a " main " and another bank alt.

Bank alts  are the gateway drug to altitis.

at least for me.

anyhow I have to level because my troll druid and former bank alt must have antlers and bat form and well...

a farm.

Yesterday I made a bank alt for her....

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yes we all know the dangers of the Undercity elevator ( ok, maybe the Alliance doesn't but they have bigger problems then the  elevators when  in the Undercity.)

I've spoken about the problem with the lack of railings in places before so everyone is aware of that


Thunder bluff's  elevators have NO RAILINGS!!!

You could fall right off if you were half asleep from going to the faire and heading back with some flour to batter those frogs you have had in your bags for three days and not paying attention!

The whole city mostly lacks railings come to think of it.

I'll have to write someone a letter.

Ok then,


NEW elevators ( well kinda I mean its been a couple of years I think)

A new danger

Mount decapitation!!!!

YES! yes, you heard me right, mount decapitation!

There I was next to some Forsaken hunter, he was sitting impatiently on his skeletal warhorse, he edged forward, trying to see when the platform would arrive  when suddenly it did, cutting off his warhorses head!!! bone dust everywhere, the horse collapsed too dropping him on his backside.

He said the Apothecarys could fix it.

Imagine if it had been a raptor, or wolf or something alive. (or don't because that's just kind of disturbing)

The elevators need doors so people won't do that.

So , just stand back and wait patiently for the lifts till Garrosh fixes this (I sent him a letter) so your mounts will be safe.

Also for ancestors sake, keep your head out of the shaft , unless you want to join them.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It just really likes me

I/we'd landed in plaguelands to do a bit of questing, something just seemed a bit off , as we prepared to quest.

it looks so nonchalant 

                         Is that some sort of new fighting style? why are you still on that thing?

they're missing it at lights hope while we speak

You know you can't keep it , you have to give it back. Just do the Argent Tournement  later and when you have the tokens ask for that one if it's so attached to you.

I'm seeing things or something

This glitch lag thing  hasn't really happened much to me since vanilla (once since then. maybe), but it lasted longer then ever about 48 minutes. Here's how it looked on my monitor. Phantom hippogryph really liked me. I miss him.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pet battles, the flu and Death knights

I just couldn't get into pet battles like I wanted to.  At first it was fun getting all the new pets , except critters like cats and rabbits seemed so animal like. I felt kind of mean allowing Icepaw to devour yet another cute beetle or squirrel . So I stopped for a while. Well, I puttered around a little but for the most part , if I wanted to play around with cute battle proxys I played Pokemon black 2. Pokemon seem to want to fight at least that is sort of the lore in the game.  Most WoW critters just seem to be going about their business , hanging out with a couple of friends and you attack them. They don't just jump out of the tall grass and attack you.

Anyhow, while my son was in hospital his sister and I caught a bad cold, only it was actually the flu. I got a flu shot, but my immune system is weird and occasionally has to be suppressed, so it doesn't always take, and the whole  appendicitis thing  interfered with the kids getting their shot, as we were going to just before the holidays during their yearly check up. ( Usually the whole family gets them in September but , I got rather ill for a while starting then and it disrupted the whole  normal schedule of things till November.) I was rather knocked out for a couple of weeks, I am actually still sick. The kids and husband are recoved for the most part. My mom is sick with it and my father didn't get it because he got his jab early. I think everyone should get a flu shot , just to be safe, as quite a few people where I live have died this year from flu complications.

Having very little energy  and sitting making it easier to breathe I pet battled. After a couple of PuGs last week I concluded it was a bit to taxing  and possibly unfair to other players ( not that anyone died the groups did fine ) to actually do something like heal since I was defiantly a bit slower then normal. I found it much better to battle for an hour or so then sleep , then eat then battle and, feed the family  repeat, and since I couldn't sleep terribly long before the coughing was terrible. It worked out ok.

This is where the Death Knights come in, I had temporarily activated one of my other accounts using  the MoP trial to grab a few card  pets and some rare drop pets to add to my collection. I then decided as I had ten days I may as well battle trainers, because stones. I'm not exactly sure why I picked my Death Knight to battle on, but Death Knights  need to cause suffering  so the massive destruction of small creatures is a form of suffering, and so she felt fine letting various critters under her control destroy other critters. So no guilt , or maybe it was the illness fogged mind. For the alliance trainer I had another Death Knight who just happens to be very lucky ( he is in general very lucky) getting random battle stones to drop including one flawless one, and four  others so far and he's hardly battled at all.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I PuGged and it was ok.

I dusted off my priest, who I moved to play on a server where my friend is and since I left my perky pug behind on my other battlenet account , I have to face the terrifying masses or at least 100 or so .

I went and read up a bit about how to be Holy again since I forget stuff.  Stuff I read doesn't stick in my mind so well ( I usually have to have it explained in words out loud and simply) so it was a bit chaotic, but it wasn't bad.

I chose wrath heroics because my priest is locked at 80 till she gets the mount from the Occulus.

After playing my monk who I can for the most part heal on although only up to 55 so far ( I quested after that) I was thinking.

I do that, I think  a lot.

But since I'm remembering what I was thinking I was thinking that the fact that the monk has a quest every ten levels to introduce a skill and dailys repeat using those skills it would be nice if everyone did.

That way you could learn the game as you go what points are good to use abilities and sort of keep it fresh.

My monk remembers what her abilities do and when to use them. it helps a lot ( ok it is me remembering but still)

I can roll out of stuff ( Although if you take the quest and talk to but not bow to the guy after a long enough wait he'll chase you around trying to burn you  if you wandered off to get some coffee or something  he found me at the belt vendor so um yeah....) and stop enemies from going somewhere and interrupt the casters, all because I was taught that by the game. I know most folks are smarter then me but it's nice to have it spelled out and get a chance to use it with a trainer.

Every class should get those kinds of dailys , they can be quite the help.