Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yes we all know the dangers of the Undercity elevator ( ok, maybe the Alliance doesn't but they have bigger problems then the  elevators when  in the Undercity.)

I've spoken about the problem with the lack of railings in places before so everyone is aware of that


Thunder bluff's  elevators have NO RAILINGS!!!

You could fall right off if you were half asleep from going to the faire and heading back with some flour to batter those frogs you have had in your bags for three days and not paying attention!

The whole city mostly lacks railings come to think of it.

I'll have to write someone a letter.

Ok then,


NEW elevators ( well kinda I mean its been a couple of years I think)

A new danger

Mount decapitation!!!!

YES! yes, you heard me right, mount decapitation!

There I was next to some Forsaken hunter, he was sitting impatiently on his skeletal warhorse, he edged forward, trying to see when the platform would arrive  when suddenly it did, cutting off his warhorses head!!! bone dust everywhere, the horse collapsed too dropping him on his backside.

He said the Apothecarys could fix it.

Imagine if it had been a raptor, or wolf or something alive. (or don't because that's just kind of disturbing)

The elevators need doors so people won't do that.

So , just stand back and wait patiently for the lifts till Garrosh fixes this (I sent him a letter) so your mounts will be safe.

Also for ancestors sake, keep your head out of the shaft , unless you want to join them.

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