Tuesday, October 29, 2013

so last year....

Blizzard said something about an invisible option for battlenet, but I tried the new interface and saw nothing.
Did they forget or something or were they just lying.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Moon moon, pumpkins and Pokemon

having obtained about 13 Moon moons, ( I gave one away so really 12 now) I will be taking a break from World of Warcraft because even though those Moon moons need to be trained and battled, my true gaming love is out with a new version , or versions and all of my gaming attention will be diverted to Pokemon X and Y. This version has a ghost /grass type that looks like a jack o lantern, I may have a new favourite!

Perhaps I'l log on, for a bit to collect more sinister squashlings during Hallows End,  and have a go at the headless horseman. I have one bank tab nearly full of squashlings, butI need more squashlings , because I plan to take over the world with pumpkins mwahhahah!

Or I just want to see if my son really will kick me from the guild  if I fill up one full tab plus with them.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Max level again, Monk reaches 90

So One year out the first monk I made in Mists is now 90. She's doing well, running for her life on the isle and killing non elites, because I am an ok cat druid but my monk has only been a healer, so when I got tokens they all went for healing , without any thought for DPS.

 a humanoid panda girl running from four tigers with  a fifth one further back stunned by a spiky purple spell

My druid is also a failure at healing, because lightning is bad for my brain in any form. Except maybe shaman lightning , but I tent to close my eyes a lot while playing my shaman (if elemental) and she was mostly a healer.

I have also been up to oddball hijinks.

This character is level one, she looted that ruby droplet four times, actually, but I gave one away to a crying paladin, he had been there for days. ( I had seen him for days on my druid and know how sad that can be.)  , but I got a summon, lovely view  and if I hit garnia , or just miss a lot, I can loot , almost to two thousand timeless coins, anyhow  this amused me, another bank alt I'll need to level.
An elf with aqua hair under water in a reddish lake fighting a red and  tarnished silver  fish masked  inverse teardrop bodied creature from behind. a small version of the creature floats behind her.

Aqua haired elf standing beside the small fish masked creatute with a red tinged pond behind her.

So it's been a fun week.