Monday, October 14, 2013

Moon moon, pumpkins and Pokemon

having obtained about 13 Moon moons, ( I gave one away so really 12 now) I will be taking a break from World of Warcraft because even though those Moon moons need to be trained and battled, my true gaming love is out with a new version , or versions and all of my gaming attention will be diverted to Pokemon X and Y. This version has a ghost /grass type that looks like a jack o lantern, I may have a new favourite!

Perhaps I'l log on, for a bit to collect more sinister squashlings during Hallows End,  and have a go at the headless horseman. I have one bank tab nearly full of squashlings, butI need more squashlings , because I plan to take over the world with pumpkins mwahhahah!

Or I just want to see if my son really will kick me from the guild  if I fill up one full tab plus with them.

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