Saturday, October 5, 2013

Max level again, Monk reaches 90

So One year out the first monk I made in Mists is now 90. She's doing well, running for her life on the isle and killing non elites, because I am an ok cat druid but my monk has only been a healer, so when I got tokens they all went for healing , without any thought for DPS.

 a humanoid panda girl running from four tigers with  a fifth one further back stunned by a spiky purple spell

My druid is also a failure at healing, because lightning is bad for my brain in any form. Except maybe shaman lightning , but I tent to close my eyes a lot while playing my shaman (if elemental) and she was mostly a healer.

I have also been up to oddball hijinks.

This character is level one, she looted that ruby droplet four times, actually, but I gave one away to a crying paladin, he had been there for days. ( I had seen him for days on my druid and know how sad that can be.)  , but I got a summon, lovely view  and if I hit garnia , or just miss a lot, I can loot , almost to two thousand timeless coins, anyhow  this amused me, another bank alt I'll need to level.
An elf with aqua hair under water in a reddish lake fighting a red and  tarnished silver  fish masked  inverse teardrop bodied creature from behind. a small version of the creature floats behind her.

Aqua haired elf standing beside the small fish masked creatute with a red tinged pond behind her.

So it's been a fun week. 

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