Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Isle of shiny things

I love shiny things, ok , now that's done, I will say what i think of the timeless Isle.

There are many sparklies many things to find an pick up and collect and , I must say I find it quite fun.

When I got there though, it was sorta  of a nightmare, a crane pretty much kicked my kitty butt.

Although I had reached 90 on two druids playing as a cat, and have four 80 druids and another 87 druid ( on this account)  I just sorta wasn't all that good. ( I can still heal , but so far healing stuff to death doesn't work.)

Stuff on the island was a bit harder then the stuff I'd vanquished while leveling and, despite my embarrassment my early demise to a big pink crane I didn't give up , the spirit healer shooed me back into the world right by a snake.... and I died again, after they sent me back to the land of the living with some words of encouragement ( or maybe they just rolled their eyes). I thought to myself, maybe this is a great opportunity to learn how to get better, Ok so at first I was just annoyed and went and collected some glinting sand, and after a few more chats with the spirit healer ( we've spent some quality time together in the past, we're kinda like friends and not too many people stick around and chat so they gets lonely) . I did actually decide to do some research.

You can probably tell I'm not all that great at DPS, in fact I won't say how bad I was when I got there just that it would have been sad numbers in Wrath, so I went and read some stuff in between  collecting chests
(shiny!!!) and running for my life.

Anyhow I got some various armour piece tokens and figured out what to do with them and then I went and killed that crane.

Up until the Isle though  I really hadn't had to do much to finish quests and kill stuff. I really had no idea what I was doing even if I was having my solo fun ( I did heal dungeons and scenarios and stuff but like I said healing is different).

The Island is not only a good catch up for gear but also to learn how to play. For example for the cranes the very basic get out of the bad or run behind the crane thing. The snakes you need to stun ( or just stand near an apple tree and eat the apples ( like a lightwell?) actually ripe crisp fruit  healing yourself ... snakes and apples  * snickers*) . Foreboding flames you interrupt their bolt and move away before their ground effect. Everything has something you have to actually think about,  it also helps to know what tools you have to do what you need to for the encounters. This sort of thing may be useful for someone who has obliviously sauntered their was to max level, and it's defiantly better then just tossing gear their way ( ok, it sorta does just toss gear your way) . So I figured some things out gemmed and enchanted my gear and am not quite embarrassed by my DPS ,( just by the fact I used my  DPS gems and enchants on my healing gear  because the icons look the same ) sure I can and will improve , but it's a very fun way to catch up . ( don't worry you won't see me as DPS in group content for a while,well the brewfest guy but 52 k is ok? ) I even got a new pet, which the me who arrived at the island last week could have never had any chance of farming up.
A Blue maned troll in cat form druid standing in front of a blue bonfire with a small cat headed glowing blue spirit 

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