Friday, September 6, 2013

Not warcraft related ( skip if you don't want to hear my rant about ableism)

Ok, so I have been busy, with my normal life.

I am so sick of the world and it's shit sometimes.

I went out to  a coffee shop/ bakery with my daughter.

At a table criss cross were two people having a discussion.

Man and woman discussing another woman who had been hit by a car and injured last year ago, she had brain damage she had seizures , some memory problems but from their conversation was not unhappy . they talked how she still did stuff with her kids had to have aids for memory stuff (notes perhaps, I know I need notes and alarms galore.) her family loved her and was happy she was alive. Mostly the woman talking knew the family , so she talked about the good things, and haw she was still in many ways the same but ( there is always the but.... ehh?) She had  pnemonia. The woman was hopeful it was not so serious and she would get better. The man declared it would be better if she died because she would never go back to her old life job and was just a burden now.

Seriously WTF dude?

So by account of someone who knew her, she was part of a loving family who wanted her alive and this  guy thinks her life is worthless because disability. ( seizure are just too scary to let those epileptics around kids you know.)

Ok, so maybe just maybe, I take when people say shit like this personally ( because I have brain damage and seizures plus other disabilitys).

I rather like being alive I hate that many people think that if you are not fully normal you are worthless.

Disabled people are not valued in our society.

I hate how  parents will kill or attempt to kill their disabled children and , their parent who kills will get sympathy for their difficulties " oh raising that child was so hard, " they  say " I can completely understand and  the parent has my sympathy" The parent does not have my sympathy, they have only my disdain and disgust. You are BAD parent and also a bad person if you try and kill your kid!

I was a difficult kid. My parents adopted me. They expected a healthy normal baby. I was not, I had an autism diagnosis at 6 plus was thought to be mentally retarded I would get throw out of school for violent outbursts, ( I spent much of my early school in special ed learning how to  sort of act normal or at least not disrupt) I was kicked off the bus in first grade. Because of physical abnormalities my parents had to pay out of pocket for surgerys so I could walk . ( pre existing condition insurance would not cover )

My parents never once even thought about killing me. They love me and support me.

My family likes me alive and with them, even if I am different now. ( my inability to tell left from right does sort of leave my son exasperated  =P  ) No one is perfect.

My friends like me too even if I am not so quick as I was and forget stuff.

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