Monday, September 9, 2013

another 90, this is weird

My other druid is 90, ( ok so she is one of many druids , oh so many druids)
grey and white troll cat druid

She is a troll, and I got her up there so I could see the whole Darkspear rebellion, from the horde side.

I think the horde version seemed a lot cooler, if a bit more difficult. The taking of razor hill was hard , but then I found the guy who gives you the heal buff and that  helped a lot.

My son is in a raiding guild now, tanking, so he is looking forward to the new raid and all.

My game has become very solitary.

Maybe I'll find myself a guild , one that is social but not distressing.

Much of the new content is just to flashy for my brain to take, although it may be that melee gets you in the thick of everyone's effects. I may try looking for raid just because gear, ( better gear means I can solo more old stuff) but I also think I may be too useless.

Worgen druid has been doing scenarios as either moonkin or healing, and it has been going well, moonkin has you standing back , same with healing. Troll druid has been doing them as a kitty, but only two a day .

I'm still not exactly sure what I want to do at 90, I'll probably solo a lot of older stuff and collect pretty outfits , mounts and pets.


  1. Can you ever have too many druids? :)

    1. nope, never, you could have a crazy cat guild =), or account in my case.