Monday, April 30, 2012

This doesn't look good

So I took the little Draenei orphan to see the dark Portal.  The Alliance is apparently sending  soldiers through to beat up the Burning Legion.

                                                        They are enthusiastic , but...
                                                      Digging the legion's grave.....
                                       So The Furbolg you took it off was really tough....
                               Yeah, I know cleaning Elekk stables isn't all that adventurous still...
                                      He really annoyed Varian while they were in a PuG
                                                            I'm kinda worried too
                                               The horde soldiers have real weapons
                                                             I'm sad too

                  Well, we can go visit the battlegrounds later that should be more cheerful!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


It really is just scribbles this time. Crayon picture of Mylune with a mechanical squirrel, his nose definitely isn't wet.  Mostly a sketch  for a later picture.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

how holiday minigames could be made usefull , but hopefully still fun

Last week I was at the Darkmoon Faire . I was doing the dailys but I was thinking too. In particular I was playing Whack a Gnoll, when this thought reoccurred to me ( I'd had it just after the first new faire, but something distracted me). I noticed that after playing Whack  Gnoll my tanking improved ( I sorta found it fun and then just played obsessively for a bit). anyhow it improved my awareness ability and moving by mouse while using a key ( ok just one key but I'm simple). and I thought hmmm  you know these mini games they could be fun ways to teach people how to do stuff. you could link them to holidays make them entertaining and let people get pleasant little rewards with some sorta random cool reward or maybe you could  also turn in the little ones for the big one, like the kiddy games at carnivals , multiple times so they'd keep doing them till they got it.

These games would be for everyone  newbies especially should do them , they would involve useful later in the game skills for in dungeons.

One game could be  you would have avoid the bad  such as go into a room and stop the  robot cook who had run amok  and become dangerous but you'd have to run around oil slicks and randomly appearing fires ( fires that burn ! with no healer to heal that stupid ) as you get to his off switch. then you'd get a little bag with some cooking ingredients and perhaps a recipe.

Another could be like you have to go into  collect  four cute little animals , you have a lure ( taunt ) to keep their attention while  escaping from some baddie. Like for Hallows end , cute little bats and an evil warlock who wants to eat them. The warlock may  throw spells you have to keep out of too  just because this is important.

 Some sort of thing where you have to kill only specific bad things intermixed with stuff you could damage but will kill you if you do they could look sapped or frozen or something so you should have a visual to let you know not that one the one running around the frozen one won't hurt you at least at the moment, so leave it alone.

I'm sure Blizzard could come up with better ideas , but they would be sorta fun and small and you'd get something like the fishing bag that had stuff but also could have something cool.

I really think there should be some fun rewarding way to learn the basics of stuff that you need to know later for people leveling, because some days it seems leveling just isn't doing it  for quite a few.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Too many eggs, things could be improved

500 is too many eggs for the mount,it just is. People start being rude to each other and  yelling stuff. even I was driven to less then pleasant behaviours.

Everyone was camping  spots  that eggs spawned at but I found these two bushes that I hadn't known spawned eggs in them it was a nice spot , usually I hate camping, but since I feel sorta bad grabbing eggs if someone is sitting there, well if ya can't beat them join them, so there I sat and this druid comes up and starts grabbing the eggs. I wouldn't do that I just pass on by ( of course this meant till I found this spot I had been running around getting no eggs) " I suggested  hey , you take the spawn point on the right I'll take the left one we can share  :) " He said no way ( some rude stuff ) I'm faster, you 're not even 85 loser  ( I had lag that evening ). then I thought to myself "eh, I don't need this sort of stress" then logged off.  So I did some other stuff, for a while.

Then I felt angry and, well I logged on another account made a level one and scouted the area again Mr. 85 pants was still there. It was still pretty much full. A gnome got his mount left his, spot I logged my other character in and sat there and got eggs. Except in my heart was still a bit of resentment and anger and I could see that 85 druid over there in MY spot  well it had been, and yes, you don't own that spot but still...

I had an idea , I took the level one over by him and grabbed an egg ( two games open, and my lag improves?). So my other character the one who I wanted the mount with is getting eggs as they spawn at the new spot, feeling fine and not caring as  every other egg or so was grabbed by someone running in circles. Level one alt on the other had was getting about every fifth egg before Mr 85. Mr. very important I have titles and have been places you never had I have epics becomes enraged, I'm amused, actually I'm laughing  , because  I'm evil I guess. So he takes out some drums and sets them up, then some banners, a guild chest, turns into a bear sits on the spawn points (anything that might block the eggs from level one alt who by now isn't bothering getting eggs just bouncing her bunny self once in a while)  and is yelling, this goes on for a while. The runners pas by angry level 85 and get the eggs . 

I start chatting with him on my level one, ok at first I baited him " Hey, do you have a sandbox tiger the banners are kinda boring.... a train? what about one of those little mushroom  chairs?" He says  please stop taking my eggs. I say I haven't been since the first few. He says people are all assholes. Why did I have to come take his eggs? I remind him of that lowbie he had to go be a jerk to earlier and say it was me, well I point to the other character he remembers, says yeah it's annoying when people do stuff like he did then logs off.

 I'm not sure what the lesson is here, but 500 is a lot of eggs 250 and people will get done and not go all crazy on each others asses. ( who knows maybe they will? ) I usually don't get mad enough to actually make an effort to be annoying.

Praise Elune the mount is BoP , imagine the horror if people were farming multiples to sell.

I still think the do ability of the event is a great design, but I wish the game wouldn't pit people against each other in the way it does.

Anyhow,  I'm getting a bit long winded here. Tomorrow I'll talk about what I planned to, or maybe later tonight. Because it was going to be about how holiday events could be cleverly designed to teach people useful  game skills.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Chocolate is safe for ghost wolves!

In the name of science I just had to give it a try. So far I feel fine.A little queasy though.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ghost wolves and Chocolate

Ghost wolf form is nice for egg hunting ,  you move fast blend into the ground so you're almost sneaky( except for the giant floating name over your head) very convenient , although very confusing if your best friend turns into a rabbit or ( if your BFF turns into a bunny  don't try and eat them! you will annoy them, and if you succeed you will have regret and loneliness, although you could try out your ancestral spirit skills on them, but resurrecting something you just ate could be could lead to serious indigestion.)

Chocolate is yummy, a lovely treat and well, it's that time of year again,  and shamans everywhere are wondering.

Is it ok to eat chocolate in ghost wolf form?

Wolves are canines and chocolate is poisonous to canines.

I'm not really sure.

I mean, well you're a GHOST wolf so you might already be dead.

I know confusing.

Because stuff  (treants can be come rather aggressive after  you mistake them for a tree and just had  two gallons of mana replenishing liquid because the DPS just had to blast every random thing the tank wasn't hitting and the tank ran ahead and you have to change into ghost wolf  just to catch up, but after drinking that much....) can still kill you.

Back to chocolates, you might want to  change back  to whatever you were born as Troll, Tauren, Dwarf , you get the idea, before going for that chocoholic achievement.

At least make sure you have some ankhs in your bag.

If haven't learned that reincarnation trick, have friendly priest on hand, a paladin or druid will do too.

Then go fishing, because fishing is relaxing after all that egg hunting.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

something that annoys me

I was reading replys in all the various posts about the line by Ji Firepaw. I spent rather a long time reading. I didn't like the comment, I actually find it immensely annoying that women are often reduced to  their appearance as being what is important about them.

I have two kids a son and a daughter, I remember when my son was very young he was ethereally pretty, people would come up to us and exclaim " what a beautiful little girl! She will break hearts" occasionally ( strangers, not like I will ever see them again and it was annoying to always correct them, this happened a lot) we would say he's a boy, they would fret and apologise and say " he must be very clever". the would also tell us to cut his hair, but he liked it long and we didn't really feel it was important. My daughter on the other hand was a bit less pretty, she's lovely now , but she really looked like her dad as a toddler and we'd cut her hair short as she hated to sit to have it brushed. Relatives would lament how unfair it was  her brother got the great looks. Because you know all that is important for a girl is to be pretty.We her parents tried to mostly compliment her skills and ability and her  smarts, she's an amazing critical thinker and can often out debate teachers. still, what others notice is her looks, although now it's because she's cute. Although mostly they say she should smile and not look so fierce since girls should look of a pleasant temperament.

So in subtle places where you'd think it's unnecessary you'd think , these little things could be left out , a NPC could not how  smart,  cunning, agile, in tune with the elements or strong a character is say base it on their class, and not their looks.

Because it reenforces the at girls looks are all that matters about them and every day girls and women get that message  many times over , watch some commercials on the television look at the cover of a women's or teen magazine and you will see it's all about the looks. ( and people wonder why so many girls get eating disorders)

The other thing I kept seeing in comments on these article especially this one is that " the guys who play female characters who are only rarely harassed in game or not at all , it must not be a problem really. But you see it is a problem because of this, it happens, if it happens occasionally it is still too much. You see when you are a woman / girl you walk down the street and guys will yell this  stuff at you they will say how hot you are and how they want to F*ck you , even if you are 12 or even older if you are fat or ugly they will say other rubbish, because to them and many guys or I'm being charitable her guys who don't think, all that matters is you are there to look attractive and or be available to them to F*ck. they are being intimidating, and if you tell them off or ignore them some will blow up and become threatening and  insult you or call you stuck up, or make other threats. So think about this you just want to walk to the grocer for some fresh veg to cook with dinner , but some dude yells , hey beautiful, great boobs" ( yeah it's a compliment riiiight , if you think this is a compliment I feel sad you are so stupid) then if you roll your eyes or even not, they graphically yell what they want to do to you. this,  quite often for daring to go out in public as a female. You live with this most every day. you are aware how sometimes this  street harassment can turn dangerous. you are aware that to many you are just  an object they  want to use. ( and for the guys going " not me! I don't do that " great you don't but if you don't obviously I'm not talking about you)

So you go home , log into a game to relax and look the NPCs are at it too,  it's irritating and you really don't need it in game and really lecherous old dudes aren't all that funny , it's old , guys an old tired trope that needs to die.