Wednesday, April 11, 2012

how holiday minigames could be made usefull , but hopefully still fun

Last week I was at the Darkmoon Faire . I was doing the dailys but I was thinking too. In particular I was playing Whack a Gnoll, when this thought reoccurred to me ( I'd had it just after the first new faire, but something distracted me). I noticed that after playing Whack  Gnoll my tanking improved ( I sorta found it fun and then just played obsessively for a bit). anyhow it improved my awareness ability and moving by mouse while using a key ( ok just one key but I'm simple). and I thought hmmm  you know these mini games they could be fun ways to teach people how to do stuff. you could link them to holidays make them entertaining and let people get pleasant little rewards with some sorta random cool reward or maybe you could  also turn in the little ones for the big one, like the kiddy games at carnivals , multiple times so they'd keep doing them till they got it.

These games would be for everyone  newbies especially should do them , they would involve useful later in the game skills for in dungeons.

One game could be  you would have avoid the bad  such as go into a room and stop the  robot cook who had run amok  and become dangerous but you'd have to run around oil slicks and randomly appearing fires ( fires that burn ! with no healer to heal that stupid ) as you get to his off switch. then you'd get a little bag with some cooking ingredients and perhaps a recipe.

Another could be like you have to go into  collect  four cute little animals , you have a lure ( taunt ) to keep their attention while  escaping from some baddie. Like for Hallows end , cute little bats and an evil warlock who wants to eat them. The warlock may  throw spells you have to keep out of too  just because this is important.

 Some sort of thing where you have to kill only specific bad things intermixed with stuff you could damage but will kill you if you do they could look sapped or frozen or something so you should have a visual to let you know not that one the one running around the frozen one won't hurt you at least at the moment, so leave it alone.

I'm sure Blizzard could come up with better ideas , but they would be sorta fun and small and you'd get something like the fishing bag that had stuff but also could have something cool.

I really think there should be some fun rewarding way to learn the basics of stuff that you need to know later for people leveling, because some days it seems leveling just isn't doing it  for quite a few.


  1. I'm Hyperious and I approve this message.

    I didn't even think of the Whack-a-Gnoll as being rudimentary tank training, although I have to admit, looking back on it, I did find myself being aware a bit faster than I have been in recent weeks.

    Regarding the warlock trying to eat bats, he'd have to be some sort of homage to Ozzy. Just sayin'.

    1. Hehe, the Ozzy thing, I completely forgot about it, but yes it would have to be.

  2. I never thought of that as tank training but I do agree with your assessment. It is a great training tool for new players and I would love to see more things put into the game that teach people to play.

    Leveling has been made so easy that people move through it so fast they never have the chance to learn anything.

    The old hunter epic bow quest taught hunters to... well, hunt. Quests like that, and like whack a mole are good things and I would support seeing more like that in the game.

  3. Class quests that really used class skills would be nice to see a return to. I think sometimes the creators have played for so long they just don't see the need for the introduction to skills quests. Plus there was an epicness to the old class weapon quests,(hunter and priest I'm not sure there were others) that I just haven't seen lately. Same with the old paladin mount quest which I did do.