Monday, August 5, 2013


My druid is 90, this is pretty fast in an expansion fr me to get to max level.

I am sorta unexcited about it.

Yes, I can solo more stuff, and she's on an empty server, so my son's main can be dragged over to her pandaria for killing warbringers ( he must have all the mounts, it's actually why I did get to 90 at all ) and kill rares, there are herbs and ore galore, and maybe five greens in the leather chest piece  section of the AH ( ok,so it was pre 61 but still, not much to choose from).

We went to the barrens to  help trolls or something. We killed horde so that was good I think. Some I could kill, mostly the peon type ones, but others were more dangerous, like that one goblin.
A dead worgen in the foreground, a small pink haired gnome attacking fighting a very large green goblin, a blue demon  attacking the goblin too.

My druid died, but it was an epic gnome VS goblin showdown, the goblin lost, and the gnome kindly soulstoned the druid and she was back to life, and now contemplating her general lack of gear and probably skill.
Gnome and demon  look over the body of the dead goblin admiring their handiwork. Worgen contemplates how the
barrens smell.
So this is 90, maybe I should just grow more pumpkins. 

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