Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bank alts and me

I was rather a long while ago introduced to the idea of "mules" as my guild mates called them then, a character that held your stuff till you needed it, it seemed like a really cool idea. So I made one.

She hung out in Orgrimmar and held my materials and  auctioned stuff .

Except for one thing she was just wearing  her starter outfit, which wasn't all that cool, but she was level one so ehh, not much choice. I bought her some vendor stuff, and imported an alliance druid robe ( her outfit went to the alliance druid my Alliance bank alt) but it was not enough , she needed to look better.

I would level her just a little , you know till she had some nice clothes....

She needed professions too because well you just should right?

I found the perfect outfit after seeing someone in the Undercity, but you had to be level sixty or close.

Fifteen levels later she had a back story

Thirty some levels later she needed a bank alt because leveling gets you stuff, and going all the way to the one auction house was bothersome.

So I made another bank alt.

The original was level  sixty and looked good but you can't have a level 60 bank alt right?

Of course the new bank alt looked a bit shoddy in her starter gear....

On the Alliance the bank alt was well, in  a nifty horde shaman starter outfit, but I wanted antlers... I mean that would look so cool....

I'd have to level

and raid...

and she needed a bank alt

then my friend wanted to play on another server, so I started with a " main " and another bank alt.

Bank alts  are the gateway drug to altitis.

at least for me.

anyhow I have to level because my troll druid and former bank alt must have antlers and bat form and well...

a farm.

Yesterday I made a bank alt for her....

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