Sunday, January 6, 2013

I PuGged and it was ok.

I dusted off my priest, who I moved to play on a server where my friend is and since I left my perky pug behind on my other battlenet account , I have to face the terrifying masses or at least 100 or so .

I went and read up a bit about how to be Holy again since I forget stuff.  Stuff I read doesn't stick in my mind so well ( I usually have to have it explained in words out loud and simply) so it was a bit chaotic, but it wasn't bad.

I chose wrath heroics because my priest is locked at 80 till she gets the mount from the Occulus.

After playing my monk who I can for the most part heal on although only up to 55 so far ( I quested after that) I was thinking.

I do that, I think  a lot.

But since I'm remembering what I was thinking I was thinking that the fact that the monk has a quest every ten levels to introduce a skill and dailys repeat using those skills it would be nice if everyone did.

That way you could learn the game as you go what points are good to use abilities and sort of keep it fresh.

My monk remembers what her abilities do and when to use them. it helps a lot ( ok it is me remembering but still)

I can roll out of stuff ( Although if you take the quest and talk to but not bow to the guy after a long enough wait he'll chase you around trying to burn you  if you wandered off to get some coffee or something  he found me at the belt vendor so um yeah....) and stop enemies from going somewhere and interrupt the casters, all because I was taught that by the game. I know most folks are smarter then me but it's nice to have it spelled out and get a chance to use it with a trainer.

Every class should get those kinds of dailys , they can be quite the help.

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