Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pet battles, the flu and Death knights

I just couldn't get into pet battles like I wanted to.  At first it was fun getting all the new pets , except critters like cats and rabbits seemed so animal like. I felt kind of mean allowing Icepaw to devour yet another cute beetle or squirrel . So I stopped for a while. Well, I puttered around a little but for the most part , if I wanted to play around with cute battle proxys I played Pokemon black 2. Pokemon seem to want to fight at least that is sort of the lore in the game.  Most WoW critters just seem to be going about their business , hanging out with a couple of friends and you attack them. They don't just jump out of the tall grass and attack you.

Anyhow, while my son was in hospital his sister and I caught a bad cold, only it was actually the flu. I got a flu shot, but my immune system is weird and occasionally has to be suppressed, so it doesn't always take, and the whole  appendicitis thing  interfered with the kids getting their shot, as we were going to just before the holidays during their yearly check up. ( Usually the whole family gets them in September but , I got rather ill for a while starting then and it disrupted the whole  normal schedule of things till November.) I was rather knocked out for a couple of weeks, I am actually still sick. The kids and husband are recoved for the most part. My mom is sick with it and my father didn't get it because he got his jab early. I think everyone should get a flu shot , just to be safe, as quite a few people where I live have died this year from flu complications.

Having very little energy  and sitting making it easier to breathe I pet battled. After a couple of PuGs last week I concluded it was a bit to taxing  and possibly unfair to other players ( not that anyone died the groups did fine ) to actually do something like heal since I was defiantly a bit slower then normal. I found it much better to battle for an hour or so then sleep , then eat then battle and, feed the family  repeat, and since I couldn't sleep terribly long before the coughing was terrible. It worked out ok.

This is where the Death Knights come in, I had temporarily activated one of my other accounts using  the MoP trial to grab a few card  pets and some rare drop pets to add to my collection. I then decided as I had ten days I may as well battle trainers, because stones. I'm not exactly sure why I picked my Death Knight to battle on, but Death Knights  need to cause suffering  so the massive destruction of small creatures is a form of suffering, and so she felt fine letting various critters under her control destroy other critters. So no guilt , or maybe it was the illness fogged mind. For the alliance trainer I had another Death Knight who just happens to be very lucky ( he is in general very lucky) getting random battle stones to drop including one flawless one, and four  others so far and he's hardly battled at all.


  1. Wow! Talk about great luck! Perhaps that is the solution... using your mean and nasty DK to send out its minions to die for him in the name of glory :P
    I hope you're feeling better and the family is better too. Gosh it sounds like a stressful time.

  2. Yes it was lucky, it seems all his characters are like that. The kids and husband are fine now, and I will probably be well soon.