Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sometimes a cure disease would be nice in RL

A few weeks ago , just about as my son and I started a new WoW related project (we're doing a comic/blog together) , he started feeling off , with sort of a tummy ache and vague feeling of malaise.

 Doctors looked him over nothing seemed wrong so, probably a little stomach bug.

Then very early Saturday he was doing rather badly with high fever and in quite a lot of pain.

So off to urgent care. The nurse sent us to hospital .

We found out his appendix burst.

They removed the offending  vestigial organ,  ( although there is some information it may actually have a function) and gave him a lot of antibiotics.

He's  home and doing fine now. Modern medicine is amazing. I'm very thankful to the doctors and surgeons actually everyone at the hospital was pretty amazing.

His sister and I both caught  terrible colds.

Still it could be nice to have magical spells to instantly cure stuff .

A bit of the sniffles , *cast cure disease*  feeling off in the tummy  *cast cleanse*

Of course I play a druid mostly now ( Is infection corruption?) and a mage, instead of my priest, and he's a warlock now, his paladin's gathering dust.

Happy Winter's Veil or whatever holiday you celebrate.

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