Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Something nice.

I'm not a great player or probably even a very good one.(It's hard to say really I haven't actually done anything to challenge myself lately.)

I'm pretty much a solitary player,

I even mostly avoid PuGs for now.

I wander about alone collecting pets.

Ok, I heal my son in old raids while he collects pets too. ( I'll get them after he does )

We have our own guild it will probably still be a while before we hit level 25, and that's fine.

So I sorta always assumed that I would never get any of the cool pets that guilds can. (there are four people in our guild and only two still play)

But a nice person on the forums was letting folks join their guild to get the Thundering Hatchling.

 I find the floating water orbs a bit alarming too sometimes, also there's a bug on the floor.
So, thanks Stage Clear for letting me hang out, in your guild  and getting to take home a cute little hatchling to follow me around.

Usually folks are very elitist and feel it would be wrong to share something like that.

It was weirdly pleasant to watch guild chat scroll by as I quested and stuff, made me sort of miss having a guild like I used to. ( as in not a bank guild with only family in it)

I almost feel like I want to find a guild again (with other people then my son and I) and there may be some good sorts out there.

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  1. That is very nice!! I levelled to get my one as well, and you feel so grateful and though I felt bad (like I was using the guild to get what I want), they didn't mind and they were even glad I was hanging around. I'm glad you got yours :)