Sunday, November 10, 2013

New expansion and stuff

Time travel confuses me, so now there will be pandas all over the past. ( alternate past??? I have read over info but am still confused , it will take some time to process) I like pandas so i guess that is ok. I think I maybe can keep two classes in my head to play so for pandas I think shaman and then  druids otherwise. I like monks but three classes is too much to remember buttons for. I still play hunters ( 'cause pets) but frankly I just solo and sorta randomly hit keys.

I like  what I see of the new models. I wish the Tauren were more fluffy  like the Yangol. Dwarf female looks pretty nice, dwarves can be shaman  so good.

Garrison seems kinda cool like a form of player housing, but will it become pointless like the farm? i ma not sure I like how things get obsolete like that it feels weird, you work hard on it then  it's irrelevant. Kind of like how Pokemon dream world is now, I am annoyed about that i liked my house and furniture now  irrelevant  and * poof * gone i January.

Instant 90 will be nice I think but since I already have druid 90's  it won't be  that needed.

I am moderately excited.

Right now Pokemon is still a bit more interesting then WoW.

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