Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I think I should change the blogs name, to people in PuGs are scary , avoid at all costs. Or just something else.

I am still playing but got sick again, (pneumonia this time, a bit of advice if you are coughing up blood you may want to go to the doctor not wait a week mkay?) pet battles are nice for nights you are up coughing because laying down is bad, and not much happens if you just fall asleep.

hope everyone had happy holidays and the new year is the best ( but not ever just till now, and life keeps improving )

I may just start posting a comic  here because it actually takes me a long time to write  even short posts, but pictures are easier. ( 34 minutes so far on this one)

I still am not sure what to do at  90 , since  I ma so avoident of people. also so much content is well flashy and I have enough seizures ( I thing twoish a week is enough, but more meds and I start shuffling around wanting to eat brains, or sleep and my anxiety is less but who wants to be a zombie.) without adding them to gaming time. Although  /console colorblindshader 8 ( thanks tumblr, and yes not its intended use but heplful)  makes things much better, and solves the setting my graphics card back and forth between my safe settings and my doing art settings.

So possibly amsing comics and some art coming up but I give up on PuGs ( the dogs are still cute ) maybe a  blog namechange.


  1. Looking forward to comics! And I hope I don't lose the link...

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