Friday, June 18, 2010

Roleplaying and LFD

Last night I was in mara , orange crystal side, on my druid . We all teleported in except the tank who had been on a boat , we waited for the tank, it took a while as she apparently planned to fly there. So the mage went back to questing the rogue danced with the hunters pet and I went and got some tea, then left to buy some glyphs, then took a bio after the mage and hunter did ( ahh the power of suggestion and too much tea). The rogue eventually explained to the tank she could use the eye thingy to teleport in, then I did since the tank was like " wuh?" then the mage explained it since both the rogue and I were confusing.... still too confusing. the mage dropped group by now we had waited 20 minutes and then the hunter explained it and the tank appeared, a shadow priest joined us and off we go. I'm oddly patient I should have left but hate dropping group and honestly I was expecting the tank to suck. The tank was actually pretty good but........

The tank roleplayed , in character the whole instance , stopping for meals getting excited over various things and generally causing the whole instance to take an hour and twenty minutes. No one was willing to leave because it would take too long to get another group, tanks in lower level LFD are sort a rare (maybe just my battlegroup?) at that level we had all waited almost an hour for the group. I though it was sort of impolite of them to insist on their style of play for the entire group, and yes, I did stay and my vote to kick the tank didn't go through. If I had been in a hurry or had a limited play time available I would have been more annoyed, we finished and an hour later when the next group popped from queue I was back there in a no nonsense gogogo group, it was fast and efficient we got our exp and goodie bags, but in a way i wonder if a nice group of all roleplayers who knew they were going to be in character might not be fun sometimes.

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