Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looking for Dungeon and being alone

LFD option makes it so much easier to finds groups for what I find fun, which is healing five mans. I don't have to be buddys with these people,only just polite and decent at what I do, the sorta bad messy groups can be a fun challenge while leveling and if they are total jerks I can ignore them and never see them again, it works out nicely. I rather like the LFD option, in that past I did a lot of PuGs on my own servers, or grouped with others in my guilds, at least when I was in a guild. I'm sort of non social when it comes to WoW . I don't hate people , I just don't want to be in someones company at all times, how do people do that? I used to join guilds and try to make friends and such but in the end it just wore me out emotionally, really how much drama and personality conflicts can one guild have? I have a few friends I like, a tank I adore, and when we are together we are amazing and can have silly fun.( he's taking a break, burnout. it happens.) Thinking back, though, this last year has been the only time I haven't had a regular tank partner, it's been different ones over the years each one I admired and enjoyed working with, each were quirky and eccentric in their own way, I do sort of miss that. On the other hand you do meet some interesting people in random PuGs, although why are they always on different servers?

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