Thursday, May 13, 2010


That was some headache eh? between now and then I got rather sick spent some time in hospital and got two 80's one of which has the pug pet now. But I'm still pugging away daily, just on different alts. Because I got heirloom gear and I wanted to level more alts eventually I'll have 80's of each healing class.

I found that in fact I'm not so sure I like priest healing anymore or maybe five years and anything gets boring, also I'm either very good or pretty bad it really depends on if I'm enjoying myself. I also found out a couple of instances can induce seizures* and to be polite I just apologise and drop group, although I do have a couple of tricks to avoid looking at the flashy lights, unless I really want to be there it's not worth it.

I like paladin healing and I think I'm pretty good at it ( ok, so people compliment me almost every run it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy warm fuzzys are like a + 100 on my healing skill) and not being squishy is nice.

My druid is doing well and I think I'm going to enjoy that sort of healing too.

My new Shaman is ok , one spell pretty boring so far, but the party stays alive. I'm leveling her in tandem with my daughters druid. just did call of water, they need to shorten that at least for horde, allince is so easy comparatively speaking.

* I don't have the classic tonic clonic seizures (well very rarely) but do have absance and complex and simple partial seizures. I'm photosensitive and basically it tends to be if there is a bright flash my brain can go afk for 30 to 60 seconds or so I don't move or heal and after I can be a little confused although sometimes I just repeat what I was doing. It's fairly rare and other people have lag so....

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