Sunday, January 3, 2010

The first instance today was The Deadmines, the tank a druid was from SoE too and did very well , rather a relief from yesterday, he took damage at a reasonable rate , and kept aggro nicely. The group did so well we did a second random instance together, Wailing Caverns it went a heck of a lot more smoothly then yesterday.

I'm hoping for Shadowfang keep next , I always liked that place.
" Good day, Arugal, I've come for your robes"

Ever notice every caster their brother, their aunts cousins dog and hunter wears Arugals robes? Really can you wear them to a party, especially if everyone else is too?
Who makes all those robes for him ?
With Cataclysm will her ever get a new designer, what will be the next big fashion trend?

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