Tuesday, January 5, 2010

wherein I throw a tantrum

Today my main server went down for maintenence so I PuGed on a priest alt, three trips through ragefire chasm, the first a druid rolled need on everything and the wait to kick him was long because they'd kicked the last healer just before I came, one death due DPS to falling in lava it went well otherwise.
The next group the warrior rolled need on all cloth, it annoyed me but nothing I needed dropped, but the one after that the Tank also a warrior rolled need on the cloth boss drop and won it he then insisted he didn't have it and could use it to heal on an alt, so I refused to heal him, not exactly a big tantrum, but he did die. I usually don't care these are low level drops and quickly replaced but warriors don't need cloth especially cloth with intellect and if one kept rolling need on stuff he didn't use he would just be annoying over the long term.

Maybe the lack of intellect affects warriors reasoning skills.

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