Saturday, January 2, 2010

day one, and an explanation

Hi I play world of warcraft and have for five years I still don't have a level 80 character but this year I will, I hope because I want a pet pug in game. I like dogs.

Pug in the title refers to pickup group, particularly in world of Warcraft, in this case using the random group finder, I plan to start at 17 and make my way to 80 mostly with random PuGs, doing at least one a day. I expect this to be somewhat amusing.

I'm going to play a holy paladin and heal, because I like healing. My character is on the realm Sisters of Elune and is named Cassarah.

the blog will also include random ramblings about WoW, and any other random stuff I plan to ramble about unrelated to WoW.


  1. Woot! Good luck!

    By the way, which faction will you play on?

  2. Alliance I'm still scared of Blood elf men that I don't know well.