Thursday, July 8, 2010

I cancelled

I know to Blizzard I'm pretty irrelevant, may family's accounts don't mean much,but they are all canceled. I still have time paid til October, I have been playing five years so buying time in big chunks seemed like a good idea, except I no longer can find any interest in playing the game anymore. I logged in on Crystia and Taisie today to pick up their gold from auctions,at least everything sold, looked at Koralie on the character select page thought about dailys and a random or two, but no, all that is in the back of my mind is Real ID and where they plan to go from here, maybe if they change their minds about the forums and real names I'll keep playing. It's hard to know. The funny thing is this last weekend I moved my last character off the server where I was harassed( after not playing the character for six months) , the guy still plays there so yeah privacy and real names *sigh* wish I'd known about real ID future plans a few days earlier. I do really enjoy the game it's the place I hang out when I can't do anything else. I love flying around on my blue drake, fishing for that elusive turtle on Koralie(I have four of them on alts and EU Koralie has hers) and just looking at the scenery and daydreaming,I certainly don't hate the game and I will miss it I already do. I just don't like the unknown the feeling that eventually we won't be able to be just our characters in game. I really don't play a roleplaying game to be myself , not that I don't like being me , but a break now and then is rather pleasant and gives interesting perspectives. Of course right now I really don't have any friends in game, most had already quit or were on extended breaks so no one will miss me.

So for now I'll go be an elven rune keeper when gaming online, and a pokemon trainer offline I have a nifty flying pikachu and my houndoom to keep me company, and other places to daydream about.

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