Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm back playing WoW, I still have mixed feelings about the Cata changes, but I actually having fun. I really hope they find a new place for some of the whelps to drop since my farming in the last week has failed and I really want an azure whelpling .

I'm back on the US servers since the EU shop won't sell me time ( I will draw character portraits for EU game time or US even, just contact me if you're interested. samples of my art http://doombunni.deviantart.com/). I went back to Moon Guard, like always, I guess it was the first place I ever played just for myself and how I wanted, so it's still my favourite place to go, I need more character slots though or to delete a few characters... maybe there will be queues and free transfers off with the expansion *shrug * I can hope.

I can't wait to try a gnome priest , or troll druid though, but I may just race change my NE druid to a troll, because I have two druids on the server already and both have pets and neat items from the past.

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