Thursday, June 14, 2012

The great delete ( well not a great as intended)

I have too many character, I'm highly unlikely to play most of them ever again. Still I keep them, one may have an unobtainable recipe or pattern or perhaps a quest reward no longer in the game, or in some cases just  memories. I did delete my first level 60 or the second character I created, but then I only made her because my friend would rather my hunters hair was white. Obvious advice here, but don't let others dictate what you will play it will only end badly!

Her cat changed colour in when Cataclysm came out, or my memory is fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure he had stripes before.

It's a little much, I actually really like leveling and  since I try and only keep one account open at a time I often run out of space.

I'd sorta actually like to just have a main, maybe three sorta mains because I like the number three.
I think I may have too many characters and one server isn't showing for some reason.
So I went on a bit of a deleting spree, clearing up the clutter, a few characters will stay till MoP because they have rare non duplicate pets, and account wide pets will solve that so then they are off to retire ( I imaging a nice spot near a beach with good fishing and some cuddly friends to hang out with since almost all my characters have cats, which is funny because I like dogs).

At first I would clear out their banks  and mail stuff to other characters , because well it might be of some use some day.  I really, really must like snowballs, seriously!  four 16 slot bags of snowballs on three characters at least ?!

Eventually I was just stealing myself  closing my eyes and wincing as I logged out after checking to see if the had anything really important or rare and deleting.

Other then the snowball thing I found out about what I keep, eyes, skulls, plant bits like crushed petals, a lot of grey items a bag of symbols of divinity (oh yeah, I was a fun paladin to hang around with! luckily at the time I discovered DI I only had one friend and we took turns  killing ourselves.)

Some things I noticed about my self, at least on this account.

I mostly make Priests, then Druids, then Hunters  then Paladins, then Warlocks  Then Shamans, Warriors and Mages, and Death Knights, no Rogues.

The few Warriors were deleted without any regret.

I now hate most of the names I used to use repeatedly.

My only characters over 80 are Shamans.

Most of my characters are horde even though I think I like Alliance better.

I seem to stop leveling  between  30 and 50 then again between  62 and 64.

I'll probably just keep making alts, after all  you can only level a character once and I still like the feeling of leveling.

less characters but still a bit many

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