Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scribbles (or art of your character)

 Like I said a few posts ago, I'm not going to be in game a lot  at this time  (except probably weekends)  I do still have time to draw between doing other stuff.

O could post more pictures of my characters but frankly I find that a bit boring,

So I was thinking that I might like a little WoW inspiration, and I asked at the end of my rather dull post a couple of posts back ( someone pointed out no one probably read to the end)  if anyone might like to see me , ( well not literally  I mean that would be weird and I'm not inclined to go find a web cam) draw their character, for free ( ok, I do ask for a description  I'm not psychic) nothing fancy, a sketch  of what one might see as they crossed paths with them traveling through Azeroth.

So if you are interested , just leave a description of your character ( link to a screen shot?)  something distinctive or quirky about them in the comments here of email me at Ravenshe [at] g mail dot com

 I'll be doing three the first three that  show up, maybe I'll make it a once a month thing if  people are interested. Posting them on Sundays ideally.

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