Friday, October 5, 2012

a letter

Dear Zen,

Thank you for the lovely items you sent, I noticed a distinct lack of cloth. The rings and staff were perfect. I really could use a new robe, I was thinking something rustic like perhaps, a beaded robe, of the owl if possible, or maybe an ancestral robe. The green of the beaded one might be a bit much with my lovely red hair.

I sold those black leather items, that you sent yesterday.  My apartment overlooking the Court of the Sun won't pay for itself. I know you included a note of some sort with them, but  Zen, it was half in Trollish , or you really need to work on your handwriting.  You're a scribe, you should  practice more I may need some of those glyphs I 've heard about later on.

It was nice of you to include some little items for me to practice my enchanting hobby on. The fish and boar meat were a bit old, I couldn't be expected to eat them, or even practice cooking with them, the stench! it was terrible!  Make sure the meat and fish are fresh next time!

I really love the parrot, it  colours are brilliant, I plan to rename it.  Polly is a bit unoriginal, don't you think?  That fawn is undead, please no more undead creatures they are troublesome to clean up after that squirrel keeps loosing bit and pieces of rotting flesh I don't know how it's still so intact. They  also smell unpleasant. You should head to Elwynn, they have some  live fawns there. You are a sly  sneaky creature as all trolls are, so avoiding the alliance guards should be no trouble for you.

I 've enclosed some gold, as you always seem to need a bit of this or that while you are out collecting companions for me. It's more than enough that you should treat yourself, a new outfit perhaps? those leggings are getting a bit ragged, I can't have my people looking like some sort of bedraggled urchins.


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