Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little thought

Pull more I can handle it! mostly it will results in a wipe.
Just an observation.

If the healer says that again after a wipe,
and the tank makes another big pull.
You will all die again

They can't handle it.

Don't trust them .

They are evil.

I spent about four hours observing this with multiple healers.

I wasn't healing I was just DPS.

Something is making the healers act  evil or  thoughtless.

Possibly the water,

I dunno,

but I'm PuGing again.

I should start healing.

I don't want whatever it is to make me evil

 maybe it' s Sha

Like one of pride

I know there isn't one of pride,

Probably hatred ,

hatred toward  bad tanks.


  1. Obscurefox you're freaking me out. This is why I don't Pug.

    1. I am not sure I actually like PuGing but , my blogs title compels me. Most really aren't that bad, but I still say group with people you know if you can. My druid is an I play by myself character , so if I want to run an instance , I have to PuG. My son thinks many of the new Monks are just overconfident.