Saturday, October 6, 2012

Normally i'd just hit ignore...

But I wasn't even on Moon Guard.

Yes,my punctuation and spelling are bad too.

Maybe he was trying to get around the profanity filter, and  he uses smileys as though that is friendly?

My mains are on Moon Guard, I have alts all over. My best friend  always says I have character on  every server and an alt of any level so as he levels he can count on me to group with ( it's not that bad , I am not on PvP servers and  only on about five PvE non RP servers) I expect with Moon Guards reputation , for this to happen there, but it doesn't, or at least it hasn't in a long time. On my PvE servers I get this once a month sometimes more often.

I just don't know , the whole thing seemed so silly, usually I'd just get angry, but it seemed sorta sad.

Poor desperate, blood elf.

But why, is someone like that just trolling? I know either way if he's serious or not,  he is trolling .  the word could be used that way, but if someone took him up on it would he be like all " I get my robe and wizard hat"

 I was confuzzled by his determination, do people actually go think " Hey some complete stranger walks up to me in Eversong while I'm farming for that grey robe. I'll stop killing stuff and have virtual sex with them, yeah sounds reasonable and fun."

No .

Didn't think so.


  1. That's bizarre. I mean most people who are sincerely looking for that seem to know who to approach... and where to go.. yes Goldshire would be a good place for them to have their fun ways, where everyone is consensual and nobody would be offended. Though I don't know if you were walking around naked... that might have been a reason /grin

    1. Fully dressed, I was in a group with someone from Sentinals, so I was likely on the shared server bank with role play servers.