Thursday, October 4, 2012

wandering about collecting pets

I like collecting pets. It's fun. The whole fighting with them still seems sorta weird though, since the pets of Azeroth are real creatures , well some of them at least.

The last couple of weeks have been hard in RL. I got rather ill, plus had a relapse of  my eating disorder, ( this is especially bad because not eating plus  serious infection is not good for you)  and   the school year start and any change in the obscure household is painfully disruptive. We like our routine, no disruptions please.

I don't really feel like leveling, as fun as my 85's were, I'm well, bored with them.

So instead of leveling I've been catching pets.

Not on my main account on another one on another battlenet , an account with no collectors edition, no store pets, no loot pets. Instead of buying the orange and purple plaid flannel with metallic threads in it and making a jumper dress I spent my secret stash of money on upgrading to MoP ( this is probably a good thing because my family has a keen sense of what colours do and don't go together and mine varies a lot from theirs and the would be pained by watching me frolic in said dress, but the fabric may go on sale eventually, as it looks like all three bolts have been there since spring.)

Also no battletag or real ID friends , because I as much as I love my friends I , just don't want to say, " yeah, I still feel like the living dead and, yeah I am eating, some at least "

Catching pets is fun though, and it's interesting , none of the characters are very high level and my troll druid has been edging around places that are dangerous for her to get pets, so far I have 59 unique pets,  all  caught or the racial pets (jade crane chick is one of my favourites, still need to slog through the worgen starting area to get a raven *sigh*), it will be fun to see how far I will get with the numbers.

I plan to get all my pets by catching or quest with vendor pets and drop pets, Not a huge challenge but it does mean waiting on the various holidays. just no outside game stuff  or AH and any of my crafted pets I'll have to make myself, so far I have three characters I'm leveling for the crafted pets. It will be slower  but I'm finding it rather fun and challenging. I'm also playing a Pokemon cartridge with  Pokemon that correspond as closely as possible to my WoW pets.

I like the new pet battle part of the game but as my pint sized pink pachyderm headbutts  prairie dogs I'll keep looking over my shoulder for Mylune, I'm pretty sure she would disapprove.

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