Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why do wild raptors wear feathers and beads?

One could assume they are intelligent and their little hands can bead strips of leather and tie feathers on each other , but there is another reason.


Particularly troll rogues.

Ever notice that all raptors seem to live in close proximity to one troll tribe or another, and most raptors have feathers on them.

When troll rogues come of age they have to go tie some feathers and beads on wild raptors to prove how sneaky they are. A lot of then get eaten, that's why you don't see so many.

A troll rogue  told me this,  and you know rogues are very honest.

You can trust them.

Especially the troll ones.


  1. LOL

    That's actually a really good explanation. I'd often wondered about the feathery raptors.

  2. Just found this blog though links and have been throughly enjoying your rambles. (reading backwards, as if though time) Makes for a refreshing change to read about WoW thought someones thoughts as if it was from a stream of consciousness. The pug stories are refreshigly honest too. Keep it up :)

  3. It was actually my son who thought of this. We love speculating on the inexplicable stuff we come across.