Monday, September 10, 2012

Mum, I need some gold

Hey , I don't think it looks all that bad, but yeah you don't match your pet!
My son: I can't go questing with you yet, I need some gold.

Me: Why training is free.

My Son: My clothes don't match.

Me : You're an Orc , do Orcs care about those sort of things?

My Son: .... please? *puppy dog eyes* I really can't go out like this.

Me : OK  How much?

My Son : 500 gold.

Me: 500 gold!!!

My Son: Yes, Please?

Me : Eh, ok, but it's the gold for your flying, Can't have Orcs in mismatched armour running about being eye sores.

After a few quests and levels, with a well dressed Orc,

My Son: Lets play our Warlocks .

Me: Ok.

We log on.

My Son: How can you run around like that you're a blood elf, you should hit the AH.

Me: Whatever.

I go buy some stuff that matches.

My Son: That's better , but Bazin needs some new clothes ....

Better ? Now we can be seen. My shoes match my demon, it's like that shoes purse thing.

As a point , my son is brilliant at finding stuff that matches and creating great outfits, he is even considering making a blog. His brain  has an internal Mogit, he pretty much has the database in there and created great outfits before transmog. Also most of the gold is  from greens he gets farming, which I auction.


  1. How cute. You have your own stylist in the family :)

  2. I find it adorable, my kids both have better colour sense then I do, so it's fun.