Sunday, August 12, 2012

In defense of Mylune

A lot of people hate her. Or at least they say they do. Why?

I'm not sure, but I have some thoughts.

She cares about cute little animals.

She  does speak in a childish way.

Her speech makes her seem a little simple minded.

She's a feminine stereotype.

Many WoW players fancy themselves as big manly tough hero types, (at least a lot I've met  if you aren't, this isn't about you!) rescuing small animals  is not really in their line of work, because they are more the slaying dragon  and killing cultist types. So there they are in Mount Hyjal and this sexy Dryad (they are  sorta) asks you to rescue some baby animals. You were here to destroy stuff and save the world and those little animals  are pretty hard to grab. (not that I think so it seemed a really easy quest  like free exp for doing something nice!)

Cute animals , only girls like the cute animals , men never like cute kittys or puppys right? ( there are no kittys or puppys in Hyjal , I know) they shoot deer and squirrels and rabbits for dinner. She cares. That silly Dryad why does she worry about the cute they don't matter. So like a girl !

I don't know about you but it would bother me to see baby animals burn to death, especially if I could save them .

She does speak in a cutsy way, this sorta bothers me ( stereotypes bleh!) but then, I have been known to speak in a cutsy way about small animals baby bunny pictures make me squee, bug pictures too. ( there are some seriously adorable insects and spiders out there). Only girls or women are supposed to squee about cute things.

Her speech makes her seem childlike , or perhaps not all that smart. Who knows how old she is she's a dryad she could be a dryad tween or child ( I know she looks sexually mature but  she may not be  for her species and culture). She may also not be the smartest Dryad in the grove, nothing wrong with that, at least she's not an asshole. In our culture it's also  just fine to pick on those who may be less intelligent. Like intelligence is all that matters I'll take compassionate   person  any day over callous intellectual. ( I am all for disdaining the willfully ignorant especially if they are harming people with their thoughts or lack thereof ,but someone with a lower IQ is usually trying to learn, or at least not trying to harm.)

Mostly I think it's because she's girly, she likes cute animals and acts in a culturally feminine way. This is a reason in our culture to hate on someone. Because well girl stuff it's lesser, at least in gamer culture . what insults do people use in our culture , throws like a girl,  cry like a girl ( men don't have feelings unless someone doesn't want to  sleep with them, then let the dam burst and let the flood of hurt feeling, whining  and cries of anguish begin!) . the default gamer is assumed to be a dude. Many women or girls who game will jump on hating the girl stuff to be one of the guys , not like those lesser girly girls!

 But I say when in the game there is a chance to care  and do something kind, jump on that chance ( not in a stomping it to death way) revel it, save the cute little animals with the wet noses , snuggle them and embrace the inner compassion that makes us all human because guys can care too so get with it!

Everyone should have a little Mylune in them especially in this horrifically violent World of Warcraft where we commit atrocitys everyday!


  1. You're right! I should be nicer to Mylune as she only has good intentions. I think because she seems like a dryad bimbo that's why she cops so much flack. Thank you for the post inspiration obscure fox!

    1. I'm glad that you found it inspiring, I've been hoping to just show and see things more positively lately.

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