Sunday, August 5, 2012

No PuGing, just me and my bug

After an unpleasant PuG,  (reporting racist slurs and some rather unpleasant language, plus the  annoying jerk making a level 1 to explain why his name and such were fine free speech idiocy and all)  I stopped, just haven't played any of my healers or tanks. I give up and  right now sorta just feel people are too annoying to interact with.

 I did play a little with my son but he is just ever so bored of WoW at the moment. We will take up the hunters again as soon as his interest returns.

So I played pokemon a bit , bred a very nice Meowth, Larvesta and Purrloin I (I know who uses those but I have my favourites).  I also bread about three hundred more Gastlys but still no shiny! French ditto is really  tired of the whole breeding thing, I think.

Then I read about  another It came from the blog scavenger hunt. I love scavenger hunts,  I used to run them in my  second guild.I have a weird memory,  I'm really good at remembering where grey items drop, but greens, blues, epics, useful rotations  and  any movie or television show I'll usually forget , grey useless items though I'm right there. So, since I made another linked account ( I have no friends, well in RL I do, and one in game and the Obsidian Nightwing is rather cool). I made two characters, well three ( why not take advantage of the triple exp)  a forsaken hunter sort of to be a bank alt a forsaken warlock to level with the hunter and a goblin shaman, my idea was level the hunter and warlock to  14 or whatever goblins get out of the starting area then level the warlock and shaman to 40 for the fast mount.

The hunter turned out to be a bit more fun then expected, the shaman languished in the lost isles  while zombies swarmed about. ( she's out now, kinda doing the banker thing, although I think she only knows how to use the return mail  option.) 

By that Friday the hunter was 40 with a very cute green beetle. I love bugs. Then I realized there were so many bugs to collect and scorpions and arachnids, (no fireflys, too flashy, because seizures )  the occasional cat and  carrion bird, and later today some sort of worm, maybe a silithid. I'm having fun, no jerks , no LFG , just that  warlock following me around  ( she's sorta creepy but eh, whatever. also her fashion sense ....)

I know too cute for words, beetle loves me.
I race changed to a goblin, since I really only like forsaken warlocks and priests. I gave her two of my precious card game pets. ( the little scarab is so cute with her big beetle). I'm designing outfits that match her pets, so far  I have one  and a half done.   Not grouping has taken off the pressure of feeling  I have to be good at things,  I may be a sucky hunter, but well I play for fun and don't impact on others so no harm caused. I won't call her my main because I don't want to jinx things, but I'm really enjoying myself and finding the game relaxing and fun once again.

Anyhow the scavenger hunt was fun, I got a prize, I think I'll stay, to be sure the people in the guild chat channel all seem pretty nice, I may even join the main guild, but an still a bit too shy to ask.

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