Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'll miss Scholomance, at least BRD is still long and stuff

It wasn't really the same anymore, it had changed  already. Lower level , and a heck of a lot easier.

I still went there  quite a lot to farm and occasionally just to stand around looking at stuff.

My plan was to pretty much ignore the place and not  make any sort of mad last minute dash for anything.  I was sad  and annoyed it was changing but there was nothing I could do and  I may someday  drag my why I stopped preparing for MoP  post out of draft, but otherwise it was pretty much the past already to me.

My son farmed there a lot he loves the Deathbone armour, actually pretty much all the armour from there, especially the sets off the six bosses, you had to clear to get Gandling.

Last friday he decided to come back to playing and rolled a warrior and the warrior  wanted the armour. So just after six pm we made a pair of characters a  Forsaken warrior for him and a Forsaken hunter for myself. We were going to solo  Scholomance as soon as we could and get the armour  before the patch.

We leveled  to 45 by Sunday. I stayed up late to double box the characters after he went to bed.

Hey, stop feigning,  bug killed them!  Oh wait....
45 wasn't quite efficient for farming , so we leveled some more.

At 55 we got  most of the Blood mail set and His warrior had  the sawbones shirt.

He was frustrated so he took a break. I got the characters to 61 and we started  to farm again.

At least Bug (my pet as opposed to Beetle the green beetle my goblin has, names are hard )  was enjoying the mushrooms.

Mt son didn't get  all the armour he had wanted and although I only desired the Bloodmail pants, I got the set.

We  had fun though.
Why can't we just take it off him? a blacksmith could make it fit! Right? Right?!

 We fished some more.
I don't think that's driftwood, pretty sure it's part of a coffin
A moment of silence
After the lad went to bed I took the pair back and ran them through a few more times. No shirt, no Deathbone belt, but at least I felt like I gave it a good try.

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