Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are you doing something or nothing?

We sit like we are doing nothing nothing.

Sit there watching  a box.

It does nothing.

I toss beetle some grapes.

Ver tells me to give him a name and I feed him too much.

I want him to like me,  not that it matters anyway.

The gnome has no takers for his clothes washing  elemental and tub.

If he was a goblin he probably would , goblins could sell a useless rock to someone.

While the world was ending.

I saw that once.

The world didn't quite end, it just seemed like it would.

Sometimes a book appears,

Dalaran is funny like that.

Too much magic .

Portals are NOT garbage bins!

Yeah, maybe.

I imagine a doomguard being hit in the head by a half eaten strider leg, or maybe even a half eaten pie as it goes about it's (the doom guard) business in the nether.

It amuses me.

I think Ver might consider having her robe washed,  But I doubt it will help.

I doze off for a bit.

I wake up to Ver's felhunter  chewing on something.

I grab the book form it's mouth.

It's about  the school of magic Enchanting.

I look it over, read the first page.

It's a bit soggy, dripping actually .

I hand it to Ver  She flips through it.

Some human , runs up and grabs it from her.

By the look of his armour he's a paladin.

I shrug.

We saw enough, he can have the demon slobber covered thing.

We walk back to the inn.

Ver wants some more Gnomeregon Gnuggets from the faire

We check our mail.

Another book.

Ver has one too!

I'm tired of books.

I read it anyway.

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