Wednesday, February 23, 2011

still pugging away

I still do a PuG every day pretty much. No level 85 yet. I don't really like endgame,(can one still be burned out since vanilla?) I still love healing randoms but haven't been to the cata content yet.

About Pugs things I have noticed,

Most go fine.

When it is bad it's really bad.

Most people aren't jerks.

They are often quiet, which is often better, because most of the ones where people talk a lot go bad, unless the people are from role play servers.

I still have to shout " FOR THE LOVE OF THE LIGHT, LET ME DRINK" more than I would like.

People from Wrymrest Accord are more likely to ERP in group. Happened 5 or so times in the last month, always the tank and a DPS, never the same two (although who knows, they could be alts) , only people from WrA, other then once they stopped when asked or maybe shifted to whisper. I'm from Moon Guard... so umm, irony?

Tanks seem to randomly go AFK to take showers or are just bad at excuses, this usually happens after I replace another healer, it makes me wonder what went bad if they need to shower that badly.

At least in low level instances there are still chests with cheese, because although random blue items are nice I miss the cheese.

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  1. Um…first you ERP, then you need to go 'shower'; do I have to spell it out for you?