Wednesday, February 23, 2011

chests of cheese

In Cataclysm we got cool new chests, they show up throughout the world and contain blue items of the level of the zone they are in , I find about one a day, it's nice the blue items sell well.


I miss the old chests you know the ones in the middle of a group of murlocs , the oh so desirable I must get to that chests so you fight a bazillion murlocs to get to it , open it and find your amazing treasure, CHEESE .... nothing else just cheese. Dalaran Sharp, Dwraven Mild, Darnassus Bleu, Stormwind Brie, Fine Aged Cheddar, Alterac Swiss... you remember right? My characters were never hungry , I never had to buy cheese, I love cheese, but now chests just some fancy item that I have to go sell, If I live that long. I mean there I am in the middle of nowhere with no food! can you eat Troll Bane Leggings?....yeah I didn't think so I 'll starve to death in my pretty new Black Velvet robes. Cataclysm was right!!!

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  1. Don't forget. These were actually leftovers, players take all the loot but leave the cheese as a 'trash' drop.