Sunday, April 17, 2011

I don't actually like writing.

This blog gets ignored a lot, I don't really like writing. I like the concept of it, it's a great way to communicate, but typing or putting pencil to paper, that part is difficult. I have stuff to say and a family that will mostly listen to my thoughts on WoW, and in the past a guild that would enjoy my scrambled slowly typed out thoughts( I type with my right hand , letting my left hand get involved just leads to random letters and such added to things). It's one thing I lost after the brain injury, before that I kept notebooks full of stories and could type very well, and kept a lot of notes in school, but after the injury I just couldn't, the pattern of how words go on paper or in type was just gone. The rules of written word were forgotten, with a few remenants here and there, so I have to relearn it, or did or still am. The solution to keeping or getting back the skills is to just write obviously, keep in practice, so I started a blog, I intend to write more and have a fair number of ideas for posts but writing something takes me a while.

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